The Best Places To Work Remotely From in Surrey, UK.

Are you thinking of where the best places to work remotely in Surrey are? 

You see the last two years of living through a pandemic have taught us a lot about how we can work differently.

It has taught us that we no longer need to be chained to our office desks while surrounded by colleagues.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible for people to spread their wings and begin looking for new places to work and run your new business.

People are finding that once they begin to work remotely, they find that they become more productive, which is great for business owners looking to get more from their employees.

As an employer, do plan more team-building events into your HR to maintain relationships that will other wise be lost.

So, where are the best places to work remotely in Surrey?  Below you can find direct links to each of the venues mentioned in the headers.  

This little gem can be found hidden above the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre but the best thing about it is that you don’t need to be watching a show to take advantage of this wonderful location.

You can benefit from inspirational views over the River Wey while the general atmosphere and vibe is especially laid back and relaxed which makes it ideal for working.

If you get peckish, you could also take a look at their menu which boasts a great choice of foods. Oh and there is some delicious coffee on offer too!

Another office share that is ideally located near to Woking train station.

The aim of this remote working solution is to provide a comfortable work environment with large desks and sofas, all of which can help you to improve your creativity and productivity.

It’s a fairly large space with 125 private offices and 34 desks as well as meeting rooms.

It’s a bright and vibrant space that makes it possible to settle down and work remotely with ease.

Remotely working in Surrey at Woking Spaces

This really is a state-of-the-art venue and boasts a wide choice of working remote options when it comes to how you use the facilities.

You can have a permanent desk if you wish while you can also use it on a pay-as-you-go basis from 08:00 to 18:00.

It has something for everyone, so if you are looking for a comfortable place to work then this could be it. There is a cafe lounge where you can access free tea and coffee as well as quiet zones and free parking.

If you like the social aspect of work, then there are also social events for you to enjoy. It also goes one further and has a postal service and IT resources, which is ideal for small businesses.

Basepoint knows a thing or two about remote working in Surrey because this is one of 32 remote working centres owned by the company.

The idea behind their solutions is to provide affordable remote working spaces as well as virtual offices and meeting rooms.

There is an on-site management team that is there should you need them and you can use the space for anything between one month and two years.

There is IT support if you need it while there is security in place too, so you can be sure your equipment is safe.

Remote working in Accrue Workplaces, The Long Barn, Cobham

Located in a popular business park, this is perfect for those who like to feel as though they are in the workplace without being in the workplace!

It boasts 57 private offices, 7 large co-working desks and 3 meeting rooms.  

There is an on-site cafe where you can work from too while the outdoor seating area is perfect for working outdoors on a summer’s day. All of this is available at a relatively competitive price, so this one might be worth considering!

  • Office Space is £210 per person per month 
  • Co-Working Space £197 per person per month
  • Meeting Rooms are £48 per hr.
Remote working in Surrey at Hillswood Business Park, Chertsey

This might be another University-based option but it is one that won’t disappoint.

It has a great atmosphere and actually claims to be ideal for business meetings and working remotely.

As expected, you will find plenty of people who like to keep their head down and focus on work, so you can expect few distractions here.

You can also connect to the WiFi there should you need it. If the sun is shining you can also work outdoors and still connect to the WiFi!

Based just 7 minutes from Heathrow Terminal 5 and situated just off Jnc 13 of the M25, this enduring hotel manages to maintain peace and tranquility as the river Thames flows gently by right outside its office suite windows.

To inspire ideas for your business growth, this facility has lovely high ceiling suits, bright with natural light from the water’s edge.

Whilst this is probably more of an upmarket solution to your remote working needs, you may find the need for private group meetups such as brainstorming, team building, or signing off projects.  

The Runnymede has an abundance of offerings for those who need extra scale or require more professionalism if presenting to a buyer for example. Prices start from £72 per person per day.

Remote working in Surrey at the Runnymede hotel in Egham

Harris and Hoole is a great place to work remotely because you’re certain to find plenty of others there doing the same thing!

Sure, lunchtime might get a little busier but with their amazing selection of snacks and treats, it’s probably the right time for you to take a break too!

It is a popular pick with students who are studying, so you will find that you fit in well.  In Surrey, they have shops in Weybridge, Guildford, and West Byfleet.

A library is always a good place for working remotely given that they are known to be quiet spaces.

However, it has the Surrey Shop and Appleseed and you can benefit from having food delivered which means you are taken care of from the moment you arrive.

If you have some serious work to get on with then this might be the best place as you are certain to concentrate as distractions are kept to a minimum.

Whether it is start-ups or self-employed individuals, having that office space might not be possible due to costs.

However, they still require that work environment or the need to be surrounded by other people without experiencing the high costs associated with having their own premises.

Furthermore, working in the places we have listed above will help to deal with the problems associated with a lack of interaction and socialising.

So, with plenty of options ranging from outdoors to coffee shops and university spaces, there is no shortage of places to work remotely in Surrey.

External view of Guildford University Library where you can remote work

Located in Guildford at the Surrey research park, this is an innovative and exciting place to remote work from in Surrey.  It’s our favourite for learning new digital insights.

You’ll be surrounded by professionals and that can help you to up your performance while it has everything you could want.

If you are into building apps, websites, developing games or starting a video editing business, you will be surrounded by similar professionals.  This will help breed inspiration and ideas from other creatives.

You may also find your future business partner!  Its certainly place we would have loved to started our Web Design Surrey UK Agency.

It has private offices and dedicated desks while the space has been designed to help aid productivity.

There are also other benefits to explore too, such as chill-out zones and gaming areas while we cannot ignore the free tea and coffee.

Oh, and it’s open 24/7 which is great if you work better later at night!  

Membership is £320 per month, no contract.  With that comes a permanent desk space, lockable draws.  

Remote working is not always about finding a quiet corner in a local cafe but it is more about finding a space that is right for you.

Sometimes a change of scenery is good but you still need to be surrounded by other productive people which is why Mapleworks is so good.

It offers collaborative open-plan spaces and desk areas that are ideal for anyone who wants to work remotely, regardless of whether you are a startup or a freelancer.

There is always free coffee on offer as well as excellent WiFi and facilities.  What is great is that Mapleworks have a strong calendar of guest speakers for new Tech, Digital marketing, and sessions for cross country trading, all of which can be found on their website. 

Regular Desk packages start at £150 per month and then £291 pm for a reserved desk with extra incentives bolted on.

remote working from Maple Works in Surbiton in Surrey

Remote Working at Guildford Castle

This is a slightly different option but you will need to rely on good weather and your own mobile connection to work from here but with mobile internet speeds being decent, you shouldn’t have issues tethering.

You can take your laptop, pay the £1.60 admission fee (less than a cup of coffee) and take your own coffee before finding a place to settle down and get to work.

This is a great spot because of the setting and the vibe of the place.

Basking by the banks of the river Wey, the cafe offers free WiFi, so there is no need for tethering here!

There is some great coffee available to give you a boost while you can also pick up some snacks if you plan to spend a few hours here.

If the weather is good, you can sit outside and enjoy the views, making it a great place for finding inspiration when you need it.

Heart and Soul is located inside the Manor Park reception which is part of the University of Surrey.

So, as expected, you’ll find plenty of other students and academics tapping away at their laptops as they study and work.

The atmosphere is quiet because people recognise that there are people working.

There is secure WiFi and Eduroam should you have access to that and you can find a great choice of snacks and coffee to keep yourself fueled up throughout the day.

Inside The Heart and Soul which is a great place from remote working

Remote Work in Surrey in a Pret a Manger

A more mainstream option but these high street cafes sure serve a purpose when it comes to remote working.

Sure, it is a hustle and bustle kind of place but they have free WiFi and great coffee, so what’s not to love!

They also have some great sandwiches and snacks on offer which means you won’t need to pack your own lunch!

It might be a chain but it does have a different feel which is great for those who like to feel as though they have found an independent coffee shop!

Costa Coffee Can Hold Great Remote Working meetings

You’ll find a Costa in almost every town these days but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook it!

You know that you are going to get reliable WiFi here plus you will get the usual hustle and bustle that you would expect from a chain such as this.

In terms of working, it is a popular place for people who are holding meetings on the move and of course, you are certain to find other people working remotely so it will at least have that productive feeling to the place!

If you are looking for a good atmosphere and good WiFi, then Coffee Culture is all that you will need.

If the weather is good, you can take advantage of the outdoor seating which is something that many coffee shops do not offer.

It is hidden away from the main street but it has a friendly feel which gives you the chance to escape and get to work.

The coffee is great, the staff are friendly and you will find plenty of other people hiding away to find a quiet place to get to work.

Finding Your Ideal Remote Working Partner in Surrey

If you are remote working in Surrey, then you may be reading this blog for a base to start your business from.  With the aim to be inspired, knocking ideas across the table amongst a similar field of peers, these can be exciting times for you.

However, if you need a professional hand to grow your business, we are a leading digital marketing agency in Surrey.

Specialising in Social Media Management and Web Design, SEO  and Logo and Brand Design.

We love customer volume to build word of mouth, not money in the bank.  So we run to flex and fit within your budget as you build the early green shoots of your business.  Send your question here, on our Marketing review request page 

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