We are the leading Dental SEO Agency in Surrey for any Dental Practice.  It’s imperative that people understand who you are and what you offer. After all, it’s a competitive industry which means that you need to get noticed. To achieve this, having a website and hoping for the best just isn’t enough and this is where SEO comes in.

For any Dental Orthodontic Practice, SEO is the route to success because it will ensure that you get noticed by your target audience and increase your patient numbers. With us by your side, we will help you to rank higher on google and we can help to increase traffic and conversions because that’s what we do.

We have experience of working with Dental Practices and that means that we can generate results that make a difference. Once you begin investing in Dental SEO, you will see an impressive Return on Investment. We give your Dental Practice an online presence and we get you noticed because we implement SEO campaigns and solutions that really make an impact.

So, if you want to hit the top spot on Google and reach the right people, we have the expertise and experience to create optimised SEO strategies that promote your business using local SEO.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Surrey that develops strong web design matched with effective SEO strategies and Social Media Management.  This mix makes us the perfect SEO agency for any Dental Practice, Osteopath, or Aesthetics Clinic.

As a Dental Practice, you need to do more than your competitors. Sitting and waiting for things to happen simply doesn’t cut it anymore because it’s important to do more. Orthodontic SEO and local SEO for dentists will look to drive long-term traffic, increase patient numbers and ensure that you experience a long-term return on investment.

Using our expertise, we recommend that high-growth practices implement a blend of Dental SEO, content marketing and PPC, spreading your bets and ensuring you never rely on a single channel. This approach will help you to benefit from an instant increase in traffic while taking care of the foundations of a long-term approach that will lead to increased traffic and conversions over the long-term.

When potential patients are looking for a Dentist, the majority will instantly turn to Google. Therefore, it’s important that you are there, ready and waiting when potential patients start looking for a local Dentist.

When your Dental Practice ranks on Google, it will come with trust because people believe in Google and trust Google, which means that they are likely to take action. So, this means that it is crucial that your website ranks well and can be matched to the different types of searches that people make. Whether that’s dental treatment, teeth whitening, crowns or Invisalign. Whatever it might be, we make sure that we put you out there.

Our team of experts understands all there is to know about Orthodontic SEO. What this means is that we have the know-how, the expertise and the foresight to develop long-term strategies that give your business a clear stance when it comes to having a presence online. We plug the gaps where crucial SEO elements might be missing and we implement SEO tactics that make a difference. Therefore, we carry out the following to ensure your business gets back on track.

Deep SEO Auditing

Our team will analyse your existing website to identify your current ranking vs competitors and where site improvements can be made. A combination of 3 industry-leading tools is used to professionally grade your position.

Dental Keyword Research

We have an understanding of your local audience, having carried out detailed research that helps us to identify keywords that your patients are using. Competitor keyword gap analyse is also profiled.

Page Optimisation

We make sure every page of your website works as hard as possible. We will optimise all service and information pages as well as bring your blog up to speed. With the right tweaks and changes, your website will generate more traffic.

Create New Content

We will create new content for the Dental Clinic website, ensuring it engages and resonates with users and search engines. This is a big one, published content needs optimising too. But its a great way to build links naturally when your content is full of original research.

Dental Local SEO

Local SEO is vital for Dental Practices. Therefore, we’ll optimise your Google My Business page. We will discover high-quality directories and submit your business where necessary.

Technical SEO

As experts, we have the scope to delve deeper into SEO. We enhance the crawlability of your website, ensuring your website is easy to navigate, simple to use and responsive. We check broken links, crawl errors, page speed.

When it comes to Dental SEO, we’re like a well-oiled machine. Everything seamlessly works together, delivering the end -goal and ongoing results, all of which help your Dental Practice to grow and thrive across Surrey

To achieve this, we will do the following:

We look to see what is working and what isn’t. Once we identify what isn’t working, we simply fix or eliminate it. Anything that is working, we enhance it and make more of it with our Dental Marketing.

We look at dentist competitors that are outranking you and look at the reasons why. Common reasons are Web Design UX and bad SEO practices, meaning you are being pushed down the ranking. We then use our experience to create an SEO marketing strategy.

Once we have a clear understanding of your clinic’s position and strategy, we join the dots from content, to paid channels and website improvements, to bring it all together.  This is Search Engine Marketing to you.

Your website underpins your digital marketing, so we make sure that you can maximise its potential. Through improvements and changes, we ensure that your dentist website is optimised for great ROI.

Now we begin running your strategy. We manage, tweak and monitor to ensure everything works as expected. At this point, you can sit back and focus on your business.

So, if you want to grow your reach, your dentist-patient numbers, and your profits, you should consider seeking expert support and this is where we can step in and take over. With our SEO for Dentists, we are confident we can make a real impact.

We are not a standard, run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency, we are made of different things! We’re a team of consumer marketing, design, and technical experts, committed to delivering real increases in sales.  Each of our digital marketing services heads has specific experience in each industry. Our SEO Agency for Dentists works closely with practice partners to stay aligned with the dental code of conduct, performance, and ethics (GDC standards).

We are lead by ex-business to consumer managing directors, which sets us apart from other agencies.  We are a team who lived and worked on your side. This improves our ability to understand what the real needs are.  We gel with you faster, building healthy relationships and we watch the results of our product closely.

As experts in digital marketing strategy, we can bring your dental practice to life, all of which can help your clinc to gain traction and become a serious player in your locality.

Get in touch for a 20-minute website or digital marketing review.  Simply click the Free Marketing Review button at the top of the page. Send us your website address, contact number, and email.  We will phone or set up a video call to explain our analysis of how you can empower yourself to increase your dental clinic’s bookings.