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Creative web design is vital in the competitive, digital world that we live in. The goal of your business should be to utilise every tool at your disposal, to capture your audience and engage with them. Turning them from leads into loyal customers. All of this begins with a high conversion website that stands out and that’s where Cream Soda Media, a leading digital marketing agency, can make a difference.

The importance of your website should not be overlooked because it provides visitors with the ability to trust your business. From products to services and who you are, when the design is right, it will become the heart of your sales operation. Helping potential and current customers make informed decisions about the action they want to take.

It’s a user interface that informs, influences and turns your business into a success.

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Designer?

So how do you choose a website designer? We understand that every business is unique and with that comes a different set of needs. A small start-up business might require a different approach from that of a large business but we can take care of that. You may be looking for a simple microsite, landing page or eCommerce website design that’s complex in functionality and usability. Rest assured our team of in-house experts can build gorgeous websites that are responsive and engaging.

Our web development team is very commercial and loves to drive sales growth, they respect the fact that it is your business. They are process crazy, analytical geeks, who are simply experts when it comes to completing website projects. Through our exclusive website design service, the entire team of web developers, brand, and SEO marketing teams review every project. Ensuring it will organically rank fast on search engines and attract visitors and convert them to make them buy.

Design is something that we believe sets your business apart. A cheap website simply won’t cut it and with just a few seconds to impress your visitors, you’ve got to get it spot on. Whether you want to sell products, boost engagement or promote your range of services, we can create bespoke web design in Surrey that delivers online creditability. We enhance your brand, boost engagement and put your business back on the map.

#1 WordPress Website Designers in Surrey

It’s a big claim but speak with our past clients and they’ll tell you everything you need to know about us. We are committed to ensuring we adopt the latest WordPress web design methods by taking an innovative approach to your project. It’s about setting your business apart from the rest and getting noticed. It’s not about getting the job done as quickly as possible because we take a methodical approach, ensuring we cover everything:

Original Bespoke Web Design in Surrey

Our moto is “you are original, that’s why we are unique”. We apply this to every website project. You won’t receive a template or pre-made catalogue design, rather an original design that matches the tonality, vibrance and objectives of your business. We love eye candy websites where users want to stay and engage and make purchases.

The Best Website User Experience

Your web design will start with a wire frame flow chart to show best practice in site navigation. Page menu’s will be frictionless with reduced finger clicking. Layouts will be logical to take users immediately to what they searched for. We build sites that convert!

A Mobile-First Approach

Web design has changed and because we are a forward-thinking mobile website design agency, we understand the importance of ensuring we meet the expectations of users and search engines. Therefore, every development will take a mobile-first approach with responsive design.  This enables your business to instantly compete, but also ensures visitors are given a functioning browsing experience

More people are now using smartphones and tablets to browse websites and Google will consider that when ranking your site. Your website not only has to be fast but responsive for all screen sizes, and ultimately mobile. Whatever the device, your website will work perfectly every time with alternative menu structures and layouts.

5G is pushing the boundaries of mobile use, helped too with voice search. Either way, your website will be effective at standing out.

SEO Friendly Web Design Company

SEO is especially important when designing a website because it simply won’t get noticed if not implemented at the initial phase. We ensure we set the right approach with strategies that enhance your organic search. Our team are not the kind of agency that will leave you to fend for yourself because it’s a competitive world.  So we ensure your website is right from the beginning with on-site technical SEO and future ideas for content marketing.  Your site will include:

  • Search engine optimised page titles, headers and meta descriptions.
  • Professional keyword copy for all Home, Service and eCommerce pages.
  • Set up with Google Search Console
  • Connected with Google Analytics so you can measure your progress.


Web Site Hosting

We work with the fastest hosting providers, who place security, speed and customer service as their focus. Our recommendations will support your site with free SSL security, firewall protection and fast web chat & telephone support. We also specialise in site migration from slower shared servers or other website themes. Cream Soda Media also has partnered with Sophos and Cisco who specialise in zero-day (0-day) malware protection to provide end point protection. We take security seriously and we can bolt this to your extended business.

#1 WordPress Website Designers in Surrey

Mapping Your Competitive Edge

We’re proactive, smart and always look to take the right approach when designing your website from the ground up. Every project will begin with a design strategy that considers your current website and competitors. We identify what works well, and what doesn’t to decide your competitive positioning. Keyword volumes and gap analysis will also be undertaken to begin ideas for headers and page copy.

Unique Design Positioning

We then consider the branding, navigation, user journey and site structure. This starts with s flowchart and then a homepage mock-up of how your website is going to look. This will come in the form of an FTP link, recorded video or call from our team. We work closely with you throughout this process. Ensuring we capture your requirements to deliver a unique website that you can be inspired by and confident about the remaining pages.

Development and Deployment

Through testing and tweaking, we discover what works best before ensuring you are satisfied with the final product. Ecommerce sites are put through their paces to triple check all purchasing stages. We insert custom code to provide the finishing touches. However, we don’t stop there. We offer a range of packages that can complement your website on an ongoing basis, helping you to continue to rank well while ensuring you abide by any search engine algorithm updates.

Digital Marketing Services

We support you every step of the way and we ensure that you benefit from our expertise, support and management.We maintain sites to keep keywords on track, competitors within eye site. Joint SEO content planning will also deliver more authority for your site. Partner with us too for (PPC) Pay Per Click, Social Media Management or PR to drive traffic at any time of the year.

Web Design & WordPress Development in Surrey, UK

Online success is underpinned by effective website development because it provides an insight into your business model. Visitors gain the ability to develop trust and understanding on the buying process. A well designed, sleek looking website that provides a seamless user experience will impress and create an element of loyalty, leading to sales.

You might need a website for your influencer career. Or maybe you’re an artist, or a hotel, who has the smartest products or services. But without the best website, you’re going to limit the potential of your online sales. So, we are here to help you maximise your success by communicating and engaging with your audience.

At Cream Soda Media, we are the experts when it comes to web design. With a tailored and professional approach, we are confident that we can create a website that completely transforms your sales and puts your business up in lights.

Why Choose us to Design your New Website?

We are ex Consumer Marketing professionals, who set up this Web Design Agency in Surrey who understand what businesses need from agencies. However, we make websites for businesses all over the UK and Europe.  We created a brilliant team around us, consisting of designers, developers and analysts to perfect websites. We build sites that rank and deliver leads, plus digital marketing that converts faster user traffic to create incremental sales.

The entire team reviews all websites pre-launch, they act like secret shoppers, critiquing design, call to action, eCommerce shops, and emails.

We Don't Lock You In, You Are In Control

You have full control and autonomy of your website. We train you up on the backend dashboard, so you don’t need to pay anyone to up date your site. We empower you, but we are always here to advise and never lock you down contractually for any work. Our main CSM is WordPress Developer tools which are easy to use for adding pages, images and blogs. Its superb at flexing and scaling up with your business.

What is Included in our Website Design?

  • A bespoke custom-built website to your specifications that converts
  • Mobile Responsive Design as a priority
  • User Experience (UX) amplified with quick menus, call to action
  • Search optimised images and pages, enriched with keywords, page titles, headers and meta description
  • Google Search Console and Analytics so you can track progression
  • Blog feature, enabling you to publish your content to the world, with YouTube, TikTok and Twitter video insertion
  • Social media integration so you can connect more and show social proof for your products

How Long Does It Take To Design My Site

Typically, the website development critical path runs for 6 – 8 weeks. That term can be cut to less if you just need a landing page or additional bolt on pages to your current site. Cheaper template designs can be half the time, but may run over because we still build in the same researched SEO service.

Can I make changes to the design?

It’s your business, you can make any decision you wish at the start. We present only mock working sites, to give you sense of branding and layout. Changes can be made at any time prior to the deployment. We work with you so you are satisfied, because we are only as good as what our customers say.

How Much Will The Website Cost?

Every web design is different and so is the cost. It can vary due to the qty of products being sold, number of pages to be developed, or complexity of booking systems. There may also be a logo or further branding work. However, template web designs can be cheaper because these are set designs.

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