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We understand the importance of SEO but we appreciate that you might not be aware of its importance. If you do understand it, then maybe you don’t know how to implement it and that’s where we can step in.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of fine-tuning the content of your website so it becomes visible to search engines such as Google. The optimisation aspect involves looking at all headings, images, text copy, titles and meta descriptions as well as internal and external links. It’s a big job but something that really gets us fired up because we love nothing more than watching our clients reach the top when it comes to increasing your organic traffic.

Benefits of SEO for Your Businesses Website

Whether you are a local business or a company with a global reach, trust us when we say that SEO is important. It’s no use slipping under the busy radars of the top search engines because that will mean that your business goes unnoticed.

Local businesses such as aesthetics and dentists can benefit from SEO campaigns, while medium to large-sized businesses will also see a significant improvement when their SEO is done right. Therefore, your business will benefit from increased Google ranking, organic traffic and more conversions. All of this works to ensure that your business thrives and grows in a way that helps you cut through the noise and get noticed.

Increase Traffic to Your Website with SEO in Surrey

Our team of experts understand all there is to know about SEO. What this means is that we have the know-how, the expertise and the foresight to develop long-term strategies that give your business a clear stance when it comes to having a presence online. We plug the gaps where crucial SEO elements and Digital PR might be missing and we implement SEO tactics that make a difference.

Therefore, we carry out the following to ensure your business gets back on track:

Deep SEO Auditing

Our team will analyse your existing website to identify your current ranking vs competitors and where site improvements can be made. A combination of 3 industry-leading tools is used to professionally grade your position. This is where we begin to work our magic and gain clarity.

Keyword Research

We gain an understanding of your industry and audience, carrying out detailed research that will identify keywords that your target audience are using. Competitor keyword gap analyses is also profiled. We will then work to enhance and streamline your existing copy while creating new content where necessary.

Page Optimisation

Pages are improved with Headers, Keywords, Copy Length and Meta Description. Images are optimised to the correct size, and to be easily identifiable by Google through optimising ALT Text.

Create New Content

Where necessary, we will create new content, ensuring it engages and resonates with users and search engines. This is a big one, published content needs optimising too. But its a great way to build links naturally when your content is full of original research and sharable too like infographics.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are extremely useful but they can also cause harm to your ranking so we make sure we tidy things up. We will carry out an audit and see what links can be removed and disavowed.

Technical SEO

As experts, we have the scope to delve deeper into SEO. We enhance the crawlability of your website, ensuring your website is easy to navigate, simple to use and responsive. We check broken links, crawl errors, page speed.

Link Building

When it comes to SEO, we appreciate the importance of links. So we get to work to identify relevant links that build your authority and make your website more credible. Our SEO and Digital PR teams also work hand in hand to generate newsworthy content which attracts links.

Analytics and Auditing

In order to determine what works and what doesn’t, we make use of analytics. We will then carry out an audit and allow us to learn from the changes we make to your impressions and click rate. This enables us to make tweaks and get the most from your SEO.

Research Competitors

We delve into the websites of your competitors to see what is working for them but to also identify what isn’t working. Our specialists will then use this information to your competitive advantage.

Our SEO Services will get you to #1 on Google

SEO is constantly evolving and our experts are always using the latest tools and methods to create strategies that really make an impact. We work collaboratively to ensure that we utilise every element of your SEO strategy to make an impact. If its site migration and structured data (schema) its all in our bag. Our experts are highly-skilled and thrive on giving your website that helping hand when it comes to improving rankings.

All of the elements involved in SEO are considered and through understanding the specific needs of your website, we bring it all together seamlessly. We’re a proactive bunch which means that we never sit still. If a new algorithms is coming or there is something new in the industry – we are there. Our team leads from the front because that’s what our clients deserve.

Rank Higher in the Google Search Results!

When it comes to search engine rankings, it’s fair to say that it’s a competitive world. Sure, you might do everything right as a business but there is always something that needs to be done in terms of SEO. We understand that running a business is a full-time gig and we also know that hiring an in-house team to take care of SEO is probably a non-starter but that’s where we come in.

We can provide an array of packages for you to choose from. As a result, you can find something that fits your budget, allowing you to benefit from our expertise and a greater level of exposure. All of this comes together to get results and that’s what we thrive on.

Every team member is focused on results. They love working with new and existing clients to constantly evolve and adapt SEO strategies to the ever-changing landscape. Your business has to get noticed online and trust us when we say that settling for second best won’t cut it because nobody remembers what goes on beyond page one of search engines!

So, let us take care of your SEO and you’ll soon be experiencing a complete transformation of your business online. All of which will help you to grow, evolve and increase your profits. If you ask us, SEO is an investment worth making.

How to Measure the Return on Investment of SEO?

Your website will rank higher and be even more visible if SEO is done correctly. Website authority is judged by search engines on many factors such as technical back-end SEO, plus having relevant content matched to a search query. You also require a fast website speed coming under 2.5 seconds, mobile compatibility, and user experience.

Our team will develop an SEO strategy to increase organic search results and empower you with training, to continue to convert more visitors as traffic builds. With a particular focus on competitive keywords and content delivery to boost search performance.

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

Your website content is like a needle in a haystack for search engines. Fine-tune your SEO and it could outperform other forms of lead generation such as Pay Per Click and Ads.  In fact, improve it and your Quality Score will increase, making PPC cost less.

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) agency in Surrey will start with a detailed audit of your site, to analyse all technical SEO such as title pages, H1 headings, keywords, image alt text, internal link building, backlinks, and site speed.

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