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Lead Generation, you want more sales right? We are about helping businesses find their groove as lead generation is a minefield for a growing business. Connect with us and you will never look back.

We are about helping businesses to shine and stand out.  As lead generation experts, we know a thing or two about what works in attracting high quality leads.

What is Lead Generation UK

To date, you may be relying on referrals from social media accounts or simply your position on Google to gain customers.  However, traditional marketing is like a broad brush and company’s are finding it hard to target, engage and convert the right customer.  Then what is Lead Generation? Lead Generation is sourcing half-converted customers for your range of products and services.  These are usually B2B clients or B2C who are interested in what you have to offer because of tailored targeting.   Lead Generation will selectively target the right businesses with an attractive pitch to add a major catalyst to your company’s sales and profit.   Lead Generation will grow your brand awareness, move inventory or improve subscription-based services.  It improves your trade relationships and opens the door for more company services you offer.

What is a Lead Generation Agency

Lead Generation means more sales, more profits. It is simple to understand but getting to that point is where many businesses fail. They simply strive to go it alone without looking at new and innovative ways of investing in their business.

At Cream Soda Media, we believe that building leads come from marketing investment because you are spending money on the greater good for your business. Perhaps your monthly reports are showing a decrease in visitor numbers and sales?

Maybe you’re struggling to engage with your audience because your branding isn’t streamlined? When you come to us, we’ll make sure that we look at your current strategies and offer our advice and suggestions to help you get more from your business.

Therefore, when you invest in your business through us, we will help you to do the following:

  • Identify the channels that are driving people to your website
  • Undertake rebranding and testing to see what works and what doesn’t
  • We’ll identify which SEO marketing efforts can help to move the sales process along
  • We will also look at the ROI of each of your marketing strategies
  • Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy to retarget your audience with Email Marketing, and Paid Social.
  • Compound activity with Paid Search, Telemarketing, Press and Newsjacking.


It’s our ability to deliver a tried and tested service that’s proven to get results because we believe in doing more.

What Are the Types of Lead Generation

he whole world we live in is results-driven and why should we be any different? What this means is that when you turn to us, we will show you just how we can make an impact on your business.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we have the scope to provide a cost-effective service that can set your business up for success. We offer a variety of services and affordable packages to fit your goals, your budget and your needs. Don’t believe us? Give us a call.

Examples of Lead Generation

  1. Paid Search / Google Ads
  2. Paid Social Lead Generation such as Instagram and LinkedIn.
  3. Face Book Lead Generation Ads
  4. Email Marketing Including Retargeting
  5. Telemarketing
  6. Trade & Consumer Press Editorials and Ads
  7. SEO Optimisation for improved website leads
  8. Content Strategy with journalist outreach

B2B Lead Generation Agency That Never Stops Calling

Many businesses hit a point where they stagnate and don’t know where to turn next. It’s at this point that you need to decide what you do. Do you continue along the same path or turn to expert help and guidance?  Do you have a young workforce who are too scared to use the phone!?

Running a business is all about profits and making money. However, once you reach a certain point, you might find that your profits have shrunk or simply aren’t growing, despite the work you are putting in.

With our tailored lead-building approach, we can give your business a complete overhaul, turning it into the powerhouse that it deserves to be. With our expertise and experience, we can implement strategies that work for you. We are sales professionals with a track record of helping businesses stand out.

Whether you’re looking to open more doors, improve inbound traffic with search engine ranking, keep visitors hooked on your website or enhance your branding, our SEO packages for small business could be right for you.

We Rise Above Other Lead Generation Companies

We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some new, some small, some established and some worth millions or even billions. However, we also recognise that not every business looking for B2B Lead Generation in Surrey has a massive budget to play with when it comes to marketing, branding and more. This is where we believe we differ.

Our ability to provide bespoke and tailored packages that fit your budget is what we do. We are not in business to only appeal to a certain audience because we consider ourselves flexible and understanding which is what makes us different.

We are a Certified Google Partner and Facebook Partner, we’ve got tonnes of experience making us experts with B2B Lead Generation vs any other lead building agency.

Whether you’re a one-man-band looking for a wide reach or a small business starting to gain traction, with our packages can work for you. There is no us and you, it’s we and that’s why we are certain to make a great team.

Lead Generation Company Strategies That Increase Sales

Are you looking for more sales? We’ve got that covered.

Are you in need of a smarter, more engaging website? We’ve got that too. What about your branding? Does that engage? We can handle all of that too. What you get with our Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency is professional service from a pool of people dedicated to fact-based data, well researched and turned into Objectives and Strategy.  Our Surrey-based Lead Generation team encompasses everything that a modern growing business needs. We understand what works, speak with our past clients, and see how we have helped to transform their business.

Find Success with our Lead Generation Strategies

For many years, we have been having a positive impact on businesses and their success. When you turn to us, you’ll benefit from our wealth of experience and an abundance of support from the moment you get in touch.

  1. Have you ever thought about how you can take your business or dental practice to the next level?
  2. Did you know that by investing in digital marketing you can increase your profits, your reach and grow your business?
  3. Are you aware of how you can get your business onto the first page of Google?

There are so many questions that you might want to ask but we are confident that we have all of the answers. We know what it takes to work with businesses of all sizes and we understand how to find the answers to your problems and that sets us apart.

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Don’t Overthink Lead Generation. Let Us Help You Gain Clarity

Don’t Take The Lead From Us - Take it From Our Clients

There’s no denying that we have confidence in everything that we do. However, what really matters is what our clients say after they have worked with us. While we continue to support clients where necessary, we believe that customer testimonials count for everything.

Our clients are the ones who put our name up in lights. They are the ones who know first hand what we offer.

When you choose us, you’ll get:

  • A Certified Lead Generation professional that’s tailored to your specific needs
  • Expert support initiatives that target ROI
  • Results-driven lead building strategies that are tailored to your business goals
  • A team of friendly experts

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