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Your Logo, Brand & Design is the blood that runs through the veins of your business and it’s what sets you apart and gets you noticed. Branding is an ever-evolving aspect of business and too often, businesses can become disconnected from their branding and that can leave them treading water and losing sight of what really matters. However, at our Logo & Brand Design Agency in Surrey, we have the scope to pull your business back on track and become a recognisable brand within your industry.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your target audience, you have all of 2.6 seconds to do. Branding is all about using creativity to create an identity for your business and one that captures the attention of your audience and leads to increased sales.

Here at our Design Studio in Surrey, our creative branding specialists have the expertise to create branding that will get you recognised and will help you to earn respect. A visual identity that captivates and engages will stretch to more than just a new logo and that’s where we step in.

A Design Agency Surrey Who Realigns Your Branding

If you thought that branding was something that was only used by large, global businesses then it’s time to think again!

We offer an array of branding services in our Surrey digital marketing agency that are designed to realign your brand and put your name back on the map. From logo design to straplines and messaging that creates a personality that resonates, we can help you grab the attention of your audience and stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Our creative design studio in Surrey has the ability to create a detailed brand marketing strategy that provides you with a set of guidelines ensures your branding remains consistent. Branding defines who you are and how you are perceived, so we create brands that connect and engage.

We bring together strategy, logo design and an overall brand identity that can help define your business. Using our creative prowess and insight, we can design compelling brands that are innovative and powerful.

Our expertise in all areas of branding has enabled us to work with a wealth of clients. We have the scope to provide ideas and designs that align with every channel that your business uses to connect with customers.

Our Surrey Graphic Design Services

From our cutting-edge approach to our commitment to achieve impressive results, we are there with you, every step of the way. Our branding services include:


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Vision and Values
  • Brand Positioning

Graphic Design Agency Who Loves the Complexities of Branding

There is much more to branding than meets the eye and it’s a lot more than a new logo and a strapline, although we do consider these to be an important part of the jigsaw. However, you need to stand out from the crowd by implementing strategies that compel and inspire.

Cream Soda Media is a cutting-edge logo & branding agency in Surrey that can bring your brand to life, using our insightful approach and experience. Consistency is key and the majority of consumers expect brands to deliver this on every level. We can help you meet their needs with branding that teases, encourages, entices and forces action because we have experience in reaching target audiences, helping you to nurture customer acquisitions and generate brand loyalty.

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your brand or you’re starting from scratch, we work closely with you to identify what you require to help give your brand identity. Through careful planning, research and expertise, we can help your brand to flourish and take its next step towards a successful future.

Logo Design Identity to Stand Your Business Out in Surrey

We don’t adopt a hit-and-hope approach when it comes to branding. We gain an understanding of your audience and what motivates them. We will explore every avenue and ensure that we give your branding the boost that it needs, but how do we do this

Understanding Your Design Goals

From visual elements to strategies and more, we bring the entire process together to create logo design & branding that takes your business to the next level. What audience are you targeting? What gets them excited? What sort of logos and branding are they drawn to? We ask questions and do all we can to create a brand persona that resonates with your chosen market.

Identifying Your Audience

From visual elements to strategies and more, we bring the entire process together to create logo design & branding that takes your business to the next level. What audience are you targeting? What gets them excited? What sort of logos and branding are they drawn to? We ask questions and do all we can to create a brand persona that resonates with your chosen market.

Analysing The Design Your Competitors

Competitor analysis can help us to gain an understanding of how they are branding themselves, giving us insight into what works and what doesn’t. This enables us to fine-tune branding strategies because research is far more reliable than trial and error.

Sketch, Colour and Bring it all Together

From visual elements to strategies and more, we bring the entire process together to create logo design & branding that takes your business to the next level.

It’s About Our Surrey Logo & Branding Team Working Together

Branding isn’t discovered or created by luck, it takes a dedicated team of experts to work together and that’s where Cream Soda Media really stands out. Our specialists are branding guru’s and they know all there is to know about branding. They push boundaries, they create, they share ideas and they bring heads together to brainstorm. Everything they do is to ensure our clients receive exactly what they deserve.

Branding has to be well-thought-out. Planned with precision. Executed perfectly. This is where we set ourselves apart.

Cutting through the noise in the 21st century involves being different, unique, and noticeable and that’s where we can make a difference.

All-In-One Digital Marketing Team for Small Business

Our past expertise across consumer marketing, and b2b, provides our clients with an authentic plan for success.  Our promise is clarity on campaigns for less budget, whilst delivering the KPI’s you expect with sales conversion at the forefront.

We build custom website designs that really rank and perform with SEO marketing, increasingly built with e-commerce for businesses in this climate. We have a solid experienced technical team who can speak with you directly, we don’t use account managers!  Our combined Web Design and SEO strategies are benefiting those leaving Wix and Go Daddy platforms to push ahead and expand, whilst our in house Design and Branding services wrap it all together for that cohesive digital toolkit.

Retail Digital Print Solutions

If you are working direct to retail and require off shelf solutions for incremental sales, we can design and print to all UK & EU retail specifications.

Using High Dynamic Range Print Technology, we run with speed whilst ensuring quality. Some of the projects we work with are Free-Standing Display Units (FSDU’S), Pallets, Floor Graphics, Large Format Posters, shelf strips and all In-store Theatre.

We can deliver any project to any retailer DC / warehouse worldwide, flat packed in bulk, in kit form or already assembled complete with product.

Catalogue Design

The days of printed catalogues are numbered, however your sales force may need the odd publication or you are designing for a high street retailer. Our team are flexible to design within tight space constraints and will maximise the product features and highlights.

Style Guide Creation

If you want to produce your own fixed style guide for your new franchise and you require a catalogue of approved assets for your partners / franchisees – then try us, we love this stuff.

From brief we can create fonts, logos, backgrounds, packaging and retail examples to help guide your partners. Franchisees will be better prepared for the approval process when submitting projects to you. Cream Soda Media can place all hi res assets for download on a secure online site with user password access, saving you time transferring files.

Bespoke Social Media Banners

Do you wish to look more creative, unique and inviting? You may see these themed artworked skins which appear on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube or Email. These are open to anyone like you and in return you will receive higher engagement, especially if they look bespoke and have a call to action.

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