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Influencer Marketing - We’re All That You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to social media, Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends and it’s crucial that you become a part of it. It’s not a new concept, to use people who are detached from your brand to promote your product or service, after all, it’s a strategy that’s been proven to work for decades. However, the world of influencers can seem like a minefield, after all, who do you collaborate with and how do you do it? This is where we can help

Through the correct approach to Influencer Marketing, we can help to enhance the reach of your brand by getting it in front of new audiences. Through sourcing, planning and actively managing social media marketing campaigns to suit all budgets, we can create collaborations that are both paid or gifted to help drive exceptional results that propel your brand to a new level.

We’re on hand to help you find influencers who give your brand a personality and put your products or services in the spotlight, bringing you new customers and getting your brand back out there.

A Influencer Marketing Agency Who Networks For The Best Talent

We’re on hand to help you find influencers who give your brand a personality and put your products or services in the spotlight, bringing you new customers and getting your brand back out there.

What makes influencers so unique is that they have already built up an organic following of individuals that they engage with. Influencers are individuals themselves which means that they are not brands and that leads to an increase in trust between them and their audience. What we aim to do is harness that trust and get people recognising your brand and talking about it because that leads to success.

Our goal, our mission and our desire is to find the right influencers that match your brand. We already have a network of influencers and a Digital PR team that we have worked with on a range of projects, so we already know what it’s all about. Therefore, we can recommend and negotiate with influencers, helping you to get the most from your social media campaigns.

What’s more, we also have the know-how and professionalism to go and find new influencers because we’re not satisfied with sitting still. We work with you and with your budget to find the ideal fit because that’s what we do!

Influencer Agency Partnerships For All Brands

What we aim to do is help brands engage and harness the power of audiences from around the world by using top influencers. We then develop and execute influencer marketing strategies that sell your brand story and enable people to understand who you are, what you do and what you offer. We create relationships between you, influencers and their followers, harnessing the power of the online world and social media.

We like to consider ourselves as the pioneer of influencer marketing because our agency understands what works and what doesn’t. Through authentic connections, we sell your story and brand, we help you to engage and activate target audiences on a global scale. Through strategic and creative marketing campaigns, we make good things happen.

That authentic connection delivers results because it’s about showcasing your brand, using leading influencers and our expertise. They all work collectively to deliver impressive results that give you the scope to grow your business in a new way.

Setting Influencer Standards

When it comes to influencer marketing, we are leaders. We have developed a whole range of strategies and campaigns that have delivered exceptional results. We understand what it feels like and looks like to find success.

We Make Impact

We ensure that we deliver the best results by tracking, measuring and optimising. We deliver tangible results that ensure that our influencer marketing agency makes an impact to drive awareness or any other CTA you demand.

Selecting The Right Influencer

Cream Soda Media understands influencers. We use our bespoke expertise to help match your brand with the right creator/influencer, with the best audience across Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Create Brands Awareness

We have worked with influencers from around the world. Utilising their ready-made audiences to help brands grow and flourish. Using the best-in-class influencers, we can help your brand to reach people across a range of platforms. What we do is source the best influencers for each client based on their strategy and their goals. This allows us to create a tailored service that’s made for you

How We Do It

  • We have access to influencers around the world
  • We consider demographics and other insights
  • Influencer data is proven and helps you to make an informed decision
  • Your campaign is managed from start to finish
  • We report, to ensure you understand how your campaign is performing

We Are A Top Influencer Marketing Agency in The UK

Our goal is to help your brand get noticed anywhere. We want to increase sales and your reach. To do that we make sure that we harness our expertise and ability to create influencer marketing strategies that get the job done. We drive growth and guarantee success.

We ensure that we help your brand cut through the crowd and to do that, we let influencers tell your story. We build meaningful connections and let your brand ripple through the digital work by letting influencers do the work for you. We then collect the data and measure the impact to ensure we are getting everything right.

Creative Strategies To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our creative strategies are based on data and insights, and that ensure that influencer marketing works for you. Fully optimised and streamlined, they guarantee a return on investment because they’re proven to work.

Campaigns Driven By Data

We analyse, we crunch numbers and we work to ensure that every campaign is fine-tuned. What this means is that we can identify which influencers will work for you and while making sure that we use the data to make necessary tweaks.

Data, Intelligence and Expertise

Through our managed approach, your strategy is based on data, intelligence and our expertise. It’s the perfect blend and it ensures that we are always on track. We are transparent, honest and highly driven to get the results you want. Influencer marketing is hugely successful and we want to help you take a slice of the action.

How Do We Measure The Success Of Influencer Marketing

Many marketing agencies have difficulties when it comes to calculating the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign. However, we harness the right tools and that allows us to see a clear ROI.

We set agreed goals and then deliver detailed reporting and analytics for all of our activities. If your goal is to drive website traffic to your online store, then we can track visits and conversions with UTM tags. This enables you to identify just how many people we have reached and the impact your campaign is having on your goals.

We like to consider ourselves as the pioneer of influencer marketing because our agency understands what works. Through authentic connections, we sell your story and brand, we help you to engage and activate target audiences on a global scale. Through strategic and creative marketing campaigns, we make good things happen.

That authentic connection delivers results because it’s about showcasing your brand, using leading influencers and our expertise. They all work collectively to deliver impressive results that give you the scope to grow your business in a new way.

Influencer Marketing Brand Ambassadors to Push Your Brand

Every consumer is an Influencer and can affect the way your company or brand is perceived in the outside world, they are Brand Ambassadors.  Harnessing their power and voice can provide an effective and impactful way to gain and spread consumer trust and manage external messaging. A relatively inexpensive way to build consumer loyalty and experience public reaction first hand, Influencer Marketing can actively develop your brand positioning and provide a fun, interactive way for consumers to get hands-on with what you have to offer. 

It’s essential to drive the follower numbers up across your social networks in order to maximise awareness. Don’t be fooled into ‘buying’ followers as this can backfire negatively on how your company is perceived externally. Gradually developing a network of influencers is a tried and tested way to build a social support system, garner consumer trust, and deliver short-term, impactful campaign strategies. 

With content being king these days, we’ve worked with TikTok influencers who have delivered over 15million views for certain clients and resulted in trackable sales spikes at retail. When it works, it works well and what’s more, usage of Influencer content can boost your social profile and give your audience a reason to visit your owned pages.

It’s all about storytelling when it comes to unboxing and content creation. We create themed, branded packages with your product inside and a full brief for each influencer consisting of fun, exciting challenges to extend the coverage opportunities and develop real engagement drivers. 

Creating excitement from the moment the delivery van drops off the parcel, we also encourage influencer giveaways, product competitions and branded incentives to drive follower numbers and get more products into more people’s hands. 

The Best Influencer Campaign Selection

Each partner influencer is selected according to their best fit niche, with a full historical review on any loud political views or opinions that you may not be comfortable with.  Only reliable, trusted brand ambassadors are selected, which if you work with long term, can also be relied upon to protect you from potential consumer backlash and act as a spokesperson for your company or brand.

You don’t need to reach for the stars with Macro ambassadors. The lower to medium Micro-influencers can drive higher engagement because they are closer to their original followers who rely on them posting similar themes again and again.  Larger YouTube or TikTok personalities drift off from one item to the next, are often ‘owned’ by larger brands and lack strong engagement vs video views.  

Although having a celebrity influencer can be great for your company image in the short term, the expense, potential lack of deliverables and risk associated with working with them can present major issues as to how your brand is perceived. By partnering with several lower cost influencers, you can accrue major views, ensure all communication is on brand and track click-throughs to your eCommerce site. 

We’ve Got Influencer Marketing Expertise

At Cream Soda Media, we have a network of influencers and that makes the entire process simple and efficient. Our dedicated influencer team understands the exact needs of our clients and that enables them to accurately pinpoint the right influencers. Whether it’s sport, health, cosmetic, fashion or lifestyle, we have it all covered.

We create impactful campaigns that deliver clear results. Both nationally and internationally, our influencer campaigns are designed using our expertise and skills. 

Our clients deserve more, so our campaigns are designed to turbocharge your goals. We study all Influencer trends and cover all elements that are required to make your campaign a success.  Our unique approach puts your budget to work and that ensures we achieve maximum reach and ROI. From small influencers to mega influencers, we can cover it all because we are all about getting our clients what they want.

Through pairing your brand with influencers operating in your space, we harness healthy relationships with influencers and our clients. Engaging with the right people and reaching the right people is key to making influencer marketing work and that’s the reason why people turn to us time and time again.

Influencer Marketing involves using influencers on social media in order to achieve your marketing goals. One of the most common approaches involved with influencer marketing is to get an influencer recommending or talking about your product or service as this will then mean that your business is promoted to a ready-made audience.

They can be considered extremely similar to celebrity endorsements although an influencer isn’t someone who is necessarily famous. All they need is an audience that is engaged with them and an audience that considers their opinions to be serious. Therefore, when an influencer shares a product and promotes it, people who follow them will be interested in it. As social media has grown, so has influencer marketing and with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter providing people with the potential to generate a large following, the impact can be huge.

Social media platforms help to create communities that bring people together based on interests and so, businesses have the potential to reach these communities by using the help of influencers.

Influencers are vital for a catalyst whilst your community builds, we employ them across YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. 

The cost of an influencer is determined by many different things. It is determined by their reach, who they are, the niche they cover and the platforms they work on. Some platforms will enable influencers to charge more such as Facebook and Youtube.

There is a method available to work out how much influencers cost and this could be a certain amount per follower. However, it is worth noting that this can change but it does give you the ability to budget accordingly.

So, what does influence the costs?:

  • The number of followers and fans that the influence has
  • How much engagement their posts create
  • How the advert will fit with their brand and their audience
  • The volume of posts you require
  • The type of post can range from an image to a video or even audio
  • The input that the influencer has and whether they need to carry out more work to share your ad and post.
  • Where the post will be promoted as it could only be shared through their account although it might be cross-posted

There are many different benefits that come with using influencer marketing:

  • Grow trust quickly – As influencers are followed and have fans, they engage with an audience that believes in what they have to say and with that comes the ability to generate trust quickly
  • Enhance brand awareness – Again, with a ready-made audience, your product or service will be shared with potentially millions of people, which means more people know who you are.
  • Enhances your content strategy – It is another avenue to explore when it comes to your content strategy but it can add additional value to it.
  • Reach Your Target Audience – By finding an influencer in your niche, you will be able to target an audience that already has an interest in what you offer.
  • Build relationships – You can build relationships with influencers and their audience and that will give your brand and business more traction and reach.

Influencer Marketing does not bring overnight results because there is a certain process that has to be followed in order to make sure that everything is done correctly. It consists of several phases:

Phase 1 – This is known as the pre-campaign and this is where the right strategy is developed that has the best opportunity of pushing your business forward. This preparation can take one to two weeks and at this point, competitors will be studied to determine their previous strategies and what didn’t or did work for them.

Phase 2 – Now it is a case of finding the right influencers for your brand. So, this can take another two weeks as it will require the right time spent looking for the right people. Reaching out to influencers is a process that takes time and while influencers are everywhere, it’s crucial to find one that will represent your brand and that can be challenging. At this point, it is also important to understand their terms and conditions.

Phase 3 – This phase is about giving the products to your influencers. You’ll need to make sure that products are well packaged and that you have chosen the best products for your influencers to use and share.

Phase 4 – At this point, things begin to get exciting as it is the phase where your marketing materials will be created and published to the different platforms. Prior to publishing, it is always worth seeing a draft so that it can be checked but it is important to trust your influencer but you need to make sure that they are sharing your products or services the right way and with the right tone of voice.

Phase 5 – This is the final stretch and this is where you will gather all data and statistics for analysis. For the next month or so, it’s important that as much data is gathered, ensuring you understand the impact of engagement data.

So, once these phases have been followed and the data has been analysed, you can expect to wait three to four months to determine whether the campaign was successful or not.

This is where things can become challenging because you need to find a legitimate influencer and not those who have fake followers. So, you need to make sure that you take a detailed approach when identifying your influencer. It’s all about engagement which means that someone with a large number of followers might not make a good influencer because they don’t engage. So, to identify the right influencer, it takes the following:

  • Browsing their social media accounts to determine the number of followers and the engagement they get.
  • A thorough analysis will enable influencers to be ranked.
  • Asking influencers for the required data to prove that they are legitimate which can include web traffic and social media engagement.
  • References from other companies to see how they performed for them.

When you work with a marketing agency that has a clear grasp on influencer marketing, you will benefit from them taking the time to identify your goals which range from your primary KPIs through to the type of content that you want the influencers to use. All of this information will be provided to influencers prior to the campaign beginning and this will ensure that everyone involved will understand what the goals are and what is expected.

However, there should be an element of creative freedom that lies with the influencer. After all, the content they share with their audience has to feel legitimate and as though it is coming from them but still, influencers will be given strict guidelines on the content that they should create. It’s worth remembering that influencers have worked with the audience for some time and have built up a solid following, which means that they know what kind of content resonates with their audience.

This is a difficult question to answer because all social media platforms come with their own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to ROI, every brand will be focused on the bottom line but essentially, it is all driven by what you want to achieve. For brand awareness and creating a community, Facebook is considered to be the best. However, if you want to increase authority, then the likes of LinkedIn are the ideal choice as they can generate B2B leads and increase website traffic. In contrast, there is no denying the pull and influence that Instagram has because it is perfect for launching products and services and engaging with customers. So, it’s clear to see that each platform has its positives and that they all work in different ways.  

This form of marketing enables you to amplify your brand in a friendly and personable way that people can relate to. It is more about recommending your product or services rather than trying the hard-sell approach. It has been found that 92% of people trust recommendations from people they don’t know rather than from brands.

This is called social proof, nobody wants to be the first one to purchase.

Essentially, there is a generation that no longer wants to see ads and that has been put down to intrusive ads and that means that influencer marketing is a more subtle approach to marketing.

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