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At Cream Soda Media, we know all there is to know about Pay Per Click. However, taking PPC management to the next level requires expertise and an understanding of ad strategies and your budget.

With our PPC team on your side, they will implement paid marketing strategies that are fine-tuned to drive profits. We use insights that are driven by data as well as technology and our expertise. Our campaigns are built to perform and they are built to push your profits upwards.

We are already working with a number of different brands and we are making their marketing budget work hard for them. We’re a pay per click advertising agency that gets it which means that we know what we’re doing and that translates into impressive results for you.

A Winning PPC Agency in Surrey Recognised As A Google Partner

When you turn to us, we make things happen. We put your business, your products or your services in front of the right people, especially when they are making a buying decision.

By working closely with you, we can create campaigns that are driven by knowledge and creativity, helping to get the results you desire. It’s all about creating leads and not just clicks because that’s what really matters.

Using Google Advertisements, we put your business on the map, making you more visible and more profitable. It’s about creating a positive and professional impression that makes potential customers take notice. When you are dominant in your industry, you’ll stand out and that’s where we make a difference.

We're a Leading Pay Per Click UK Management Agency

PPC Campaign Management That Generates Leads

We make sure that we work closely with our clients so that we understand all there is to know about them. This ranges from the business to their clients as well as unique selling points. We bring all of these elements together to create Google Ads campaigns that target Lead Generation that you have been looking for.

Once we roll up our sleeves, we can help your business to see conversion rates of clicks to leads reach as much as 20%. Through communication, know-how and our drive to succeed, we make a great partner for you, your business and your goals.

As a Google Adwords agency, we know all about what it takes to monetize your paid advertising. Using the latest methods and software, we have the scope to track your advertisements and react accordingly. By monitoring closely, we can then determine your most successful ads and the audience that responded.

We Make An Impact as a PPC Google Ads Agency in Surrey

We Increase Website Visits

It’s all well and good having a website but it’s about getting people to your website that really matters. Through our assistance, you will see relevant traffic visit your website and people who are seeking your specific products or services. We look at using methods that enable us to understand the right ads so they match up with your audience.

Improved Communication

We can also help you to experience more customer phone calls through linking the calls that you receive to keywords. Using valuable data, we make it possible for you to bid higher on keywords that increase calls as opposed to those that deliver clicks. This means that we can optimise your ads and ensure that we focus on what works for your audience. Then, we tweak further and make improvements where necessary.

Website Leads and Sales Increase

Making contact with a potential customer for the first time is essential and to do that, we help you to get more online conversions from submits and checkout purchases. We work hard to increase sales and how your business and brand is perceived. 

Measuring Success

We make it possible for you to see how we make an impact on your business. You can track patterns and data using many different factors. As a Pay Per Click Agency, we know what works and to get to that point, we have to be able to measure success, so we make that possible.

A PPC Company That Creates Lead Generating Campaigns

We are experts in Google Ads but we go further than that. We also recognise the problems and challenges that businesses face but with our experience, we can make a real difference. We brainstorm and work with you to identify what you are looking for, then we get to work collaboratively.

We’re a Paid Social Ad Agency In The Know

Using paid social ads, we can connect with your audience. It might be competitive but it is where you need to be, so we put you there. With social media advertising, we put your business on the map and ensure we reach your ideal customer.

We can segment your audience, promote products or services to the right people and make decisions based on actual insight. That’s the difference.

Integrated Campaigns From a Leading Google Ads Marketing Agency

Paid social ads have an impact when they run alone but they are even more powerful when they are combined with campaigns. We look to identify cross-platform opportunities, we make sure we take advantage of every opportunity. By working across multiple platforms, we can show customers where to go by guiding them down the sales funnel. It’s about taking the right steps and ensuring your campaigns pack a real punch.

Why Choose Our PPC Agency?

From our experience to our ability to work with you and understand your goals, there is nothing that we do not know. As a result, we make things happen by implementing strategies that drive success. We’re not ones for words, we are ones for taking action and we love to let our results do the talking.

These names are no longer used as Google has now changed the name to Google Ads

When people search online for services or products you offer, Google Ads will display your ad. Through clever technology, Google will ensure that your ads are seen by the right audience when they are ready to take that next step.
Yes, there are several different types and as a Google Ads marketing agency, we make sure we offer a full and complete service. These are known as Search Network Campaigns, Display Network Campaigns and Video Campaigns.
PPC or CPC is the process where you only pay for an ad once someone has clicked on it.
The amount you spend will be determined by your budget. Google Ads can work with almost every budget because you are only charged when people interact with your ad. There is also no minimum spend or contract length which means that the ads can be stopped when you want them to but the cost of a click will be determined by a number of factors.
To begin with Google Ads, you will need to sign up. We can help you to get started and our experts can help you to set up your account and work with you to help you create your campaign. However, we will need to understand your expectations, goals and your budget in order to get to work.

You have probably heard of both and you might think that they are both the same. However SEO is more of a long-term strategy whereby you put the correct elements in place that will set your website up correctly and give you an online presence, all of which will help to drive organic search and traffic. SEO should always form an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

In contrast, Google Ads is a faster way of targeting your audience. The setup is quick and it generates traffic faster but you will only pay for Google Ad clicks when people show an interest in your product or service.

When it comes to PPC, there is a misconception that it is a waste of money but this is often associated with those who have attempted to manage it themselves. When you take this approach, you will find that you can go through a lot of money quickly. When you turn to our PPC Agency, you will find that it is a cost-effective way of attracting the right audience.
PPC management is the process of managing the ad spend of a company, enabling it to achieve its advertising and business goals. This will involve managing a range of campaigns across a range of networks such as Google and Bing. We will then ensure that the ads are focused on appealing to the right audience and delivering results. We monitor and fine-tune your campaigns to improve performance. PPC management is about using the right data, expertise and knowledge to create a campaign that works which involves understanding the paid search queries that you should be bidding on to achieve an optimal return on ad spend. Successful management will consider all elements of the campaign and that includes budgets, bidding and even keywords.
As a team with experience, we understand what works and what doesn’t. We are an agency that focuses on paid social media campaigns, so we focus on all social media platforms while we also focus on Google Ads. We partner with Google to help your business gain the exposure it needs.
You can take care of it in house but with that comes many different risks and responsibilities. When you turn to us, we have access to all the relevant tools and expertise and that can mean that it becomes more cost effective to rely on us. If you want to take it in-house, you will need to consider training and ensuring you have the ability to create meaningful campaigns that drive success. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to match an agency like us. Furthermore, there is on one-size-fits-all solution but we have the scope to create bespoke campaigns that work and get results.
Your campaigns have to work with you and move with any changes. Therefore, they require regular optimising in order for them to work better. This will involve creating new ad groups and keywords, negative keywords, pausing ads that aren’t working and coming up with ideas for new campaigns. We also monitor the budget and make suggestions where we believe new changes will have a positive impact. Google Ads and PPC isn’t static which means that we need to optimise your campaigns and ads to move with these changes. Even if we leave your campaigns alone, they will begin to have less of an impact, which is why we make sure we always focus on optimisation.
There might be instances where you don’t see your ads but that doesn’t mean that they are not working or that we are not doing anything. You might be inputting keywords incorrectly or your budget might not be enough to reach all searchers while your quality score might be lower because of your website, which means that your ad is not shown all of the time. However, you need to know that we work for you and when we say that, we make sure that your investment goes as far as possible.
As an PPC agency in Surrey, we have the experience, skills and qualifications that allow us to understand exactly how things work. You can leave us to manage everything, leaving you to focus on your business. Trust us, you don’t want to be stuck in the Google Ads Manager going through CPC reviews. We’re nerds and we love it!

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