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#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Surrey, United Kingdom

Yes really, we called ourselves Cream Soda Media. We’re a professional Web Design and Digital Marketing Company in Surrey, United Kingdom.

We don’t do flat, just extra special Web Design & DevelopmentSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO), Digital PRBranding & DesignSocial Media ManagementPay Per Click (PPC) and Cyber Security.  We don’t blag anything else.

The world has changed and we have changed with it.  Evolving our range of lead-generation, digital marketing services, and expertise to ensure that we can consistently deliver online marketing to your target audience that generates business sales. Whether you’re looking to take your company in a new direction, grow profits or create a new image, we will back your ambition.

We have bottles to capture your imagination and blend that with realistic proposals, to increase web traffic, win customers, and generate profit.

UK Based Digital Marketing Agency with Experience

Whatever your business, you have a target customer and we help by converting them. Driven by innovation and creativity, we’re a team of thinkers and creatives.  Who strive to consistently deliver a range of digital marketing services in Surrey that can take your business from average to a complete super-power in your industry. Let us unlock the potential of your business and then we’ll let you reap the rewards because we know how the cream always rises to the top.

Website Design

We provide professional custom website designs that are fast, smooth, and affordable. Our websites are developed secure and SEO optimised to extend your best digital marketing efforts across search engines.


Improve your search engine ranking with keyword research and other vitals such as Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Images, Internal Link Structures and Inbound links. We can maximise your search engine optimisation for better standout online.

Social Media Marketing

Our service is social media management across all online platforms. Using pin point customer targeting and constant analysis of advertising and keyword trends, our digital PR agency can deliver efficiencies in ad expenditure.

Logos, Artwork & Branding

We create Logos and Design full style guides for businesses. Producing any visual asset that matches your vision for your brand for online media and mass print runs.

Pay Per Click & Paid Search

Potential customers search for your services on Google every day. They are up for grabs! We orchestrate successful PPC google ads advertising using researched keywords for your business, delivering converted shoppers to your website.

Cyber Security

We build, implement and maintain ongoing programs to reduce cyber risk in a way that is unique and right for your business. This includes Zero Day Malware protection for email, web, cloud, with a managed firewall service.

Web Design Agency that you can Trust

Digital marketing includes various online marketing elements.  If you are looking to remain one step ahead of your competition then your website is going to sit at the heart of your business. It’s your shop window and will demonstrate who you are, what you offer, and how you can provide people with the solutions they are looking for. Getting all of this right requires web design on a whole new level.

From responsiveness to a first-class user experience and content with landing pages that engage, your website has a matter of seconds to create an impression that counts and that’s where we excel.

Our team of developers and designers are specialists in creating modern, sleek and engaging websites that will grow your brand, your business, and the impact you make online.At our digital marketing agency in Surrey, every website we create is bespoke and designed to give you that something extra over your competitors. Whether you are selling products or promoting a service, we can help deliver your message with beautiful websites that really do stand out.

Creating an Effective SEO Strategy In 2021

It’s no good settling for second best or assuming customers will find your business. In fact, it’s time that you started to fight for the space that’s yours so people can experience your brand.

We are experts in everything SEO. What this means is that we can develop SEO strategies that ensure your business ranks well. By understanding your business inside and out, our team can determine what approach will work best. Whether it’s amendments to your technical SEO, enhanced content or keyword research, we know what works to improve website traffic. We put your name up there in lights and make sure that search engines can find you.

We take a simple approach so we won’t confuse you with technical jargon and we always strive to keep you informed at every step of the process. Our range of SEO services are tailored to your needs. It’s about a rounded approach that captures everything you need, which means that every strategy we create is focused on the goals of your business.

#1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Surrey, UK

Our team of social media gurus will work closely with you to ensure we understand what your business wants to achieve and who you want to target. We can then utilise the right social media platforms to build relationships and engage with potential customers.

Being the best marketing agency in Surrey, we help to create an understanding of your business and what you offer by communicating with the right people through the right strategies. This will give your business ad an online presence and a personality that resonates with consumers. We have a full and in-depth knowledge of social media which means that we know what works. Our social media management campaigns implement our strategic expertise and blend that with your industry knowledge. Every campaign is unique, every approach is tailored and we ensure that we place your brand in front of those who matter.

Custom Built Branding that Matters

Branding should never be overlooked or undervalued – you only need to look at large companies to understand the importance of branding, so we are here to help you create a brand that is instantly recognised and strong enough to leave your competitors in your shadow.

Through logo and brand design, our specialists can help you to realign your brand with a fresh look. From straplines to colours, logo design and messaging, we can give your brand a personality that people can relate to and engage with.

Cyber Security & Malware Services in UK

Do you have a workforce using laptops or mobile devices to access what you class as sensitive central information?  Have you a database of customer data that you hold just for transactional purposes?

How embarrassed would you feel if all this data was lost or stolen and you received for an expensive ransom for its return?

Data loss happens to all business sizes and with the impending wrath of GDPR, you must have protection in place to secure customer data.  We have partnered with the best-in-class anti-malware protection providers, to provide the same global protection to even a local dentist.

What Makes Us A Great Digital Marketing Agency?

We Create Websites & Marketing Strategies That Convert

We are not a standard, run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency in Surrey, United Kingdom, because we do things differently. We’re a team of consumer marketing, design, and technical experts, committed to delivering real increases in sales.

We are lead by ex-business to consumer managing directors, which sets us apart from other agencies.   This improves our ability to understand what the real needs are.  We gel with you faster, building healthy relationships and we watch the results of our product closely.

As experts in digital marketing strategy, we can bring your business to life, all of which can help your business to gain traction and become a serious player in your industry.

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