Step-by-Step Guide to SEO for Surrey Small Businesses

Guildford High Street in Surrey and how they survive using SEO advice from Cream Soda Media

Step-by-Step Guide to SEO for Surrey Small Businesses Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for small businesses in Surrey looking to drive more website traffic and increase visibility online. Implementing SEO best practices takes time and effort, but following core optimisation steps can help your Surrey business improve its search rankings and gain more qualified […]

10 Proven Strategies to Boost Traffic from Social Media

How to increase website traffic using social media. A city scene shows referral links bouncing around in the sky

10 Proven Strategies to Boost Website Traffic from Social Media Using social media platforms to increase traffic to your website is so important and similar to running SEO content for your website. Content and incoming external referral traffic is a heartbeat sign to Google that you are investing in your website and embracing the social […]

Keyword Stuffing is Easy But Won’t Bring SEO Success

Keyword stuffing, like this squirrel stuffing his face, won't bring seo success

Keyword Stuffing Won’t Bring You SEO Success Keywords reign supreme, but not when keywords are stuffed overwhelmingly. They are the compass guiding users through the vast ocean of the internet to discover valuable content and services. However, like any powerful tool, keywords should be wielded with care and precision. The moment you overstep the line […]

Run Quickly from Duplicate Content on Your Website!

Too twins are acting like duplicate content on their website in Surrey UK

Run Quick From Duplicate Content On Your Website Avoiding total duplicate content on websites is tough to manage.  There so so much information out there, it’s abundant and easily accessible. Striving for originality and maintaining a unique online presence has become more crucial than ever. The concept of duplicate content, where similar or identical content […]

Breaking Down the Navigation Toolbar in WordPress

Explaining the Navigational Toolbar in Wordpress

The WordPress Navigation Tool Bar Explored There is a Navigational Toolbar in the heart of WordPress, the renowned content management system (CMS). This provides quick and convenient access to a wide array of essential features and settings. Your WordPress Web Developer should have taken you through this.. In this blog post, we will explore the […]

Unlock the Power of Meta Descriptions for SEO Sucess

A kid shown on a rocket after he has mastered to unlock the power of writing meta description

Unlocking the Power of Meta Descriptions for SEO Success Writing quality Meta Descriptions are a key element for successful SEO. As your business fights for online visibility, your no.1 asset is search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve your website’s ranking. While many factors contribute to effective SEO, one often overlooked element is the meta description. […]

What is WordPress? Here’s a Quick 5 min Guide!

Wordpress Web Developer at Cream Soda Media adding code to build a website.

What is WordPress? Your Quick Guide What is WordPress all about? WordPress Websites stand out as one of the most popular and powerful platforms available in the vast landscape of website creation and management. WordPress is the worlds leading content management system and whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or a large enterprise, understanding […]

Local Dental SEO Strategies to Boost Patient Growth

Surrey UK based dental practice learning Dental SEO strategies

Local Dental SEO For Patient Growth Local Dental SEO in today’s digital era,  is essential for the success of any business, including dental practice websites. Local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies play a pivotal role in ensuring that your dental clinic is easily discoverable by potential patients in your local area. By implementing effective local […]

Dental Lead Generation Tactics to Boost Growth

A dental technician peers into an animated patient mouth and they talk about lead generation

Dental Lead Generation Tactics to Boost Growth Lead generation strategy is a critical aspect of any successful dental practice. In today’s competitive market, dentists need to employ effective strategies to attract new patients and drive business growth. This blog post will delve into proven lead-generation techniques tailored specifically for dental practices. By implementing these strategies, […]