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Social Media Marketing or even Influencer Marketing is everywhere in our connected world, which means that your business has a part to play. We have the expertise and skill-set that allows us to create campaigns that really will knock the socks off your audience and leave your competitors in your wake.

We understand the importance of using every social media management tool available. It’s vital that your business reaches your target audience in the right way. Social Media plays a pivotal role in developing and interacting with your audience, and if you want to engage and grow customer loyalty, then it’s vital that you have a presence across the right channels.

However, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to social media. We create bespoke social media strategies that are designed to work with your business and will work closely with you to understand your business and identify your goals. This enables us to create content that is engaging, unique and really connects. Through utilising the right social media platforms, we will give your business and brand a platform to help your business flourish and thrive. From increased engagement to driving sales, we cover it all, enabling you to focus on your bottom line.

We utilise your industry knowledge and match that with our social media management expertise, creating a partnership that strengthens your business, connects directly with your audience and puts you one step ahead of your competitors. Every campaign is underpinned by strategic expertise and that allows us to drive the conversation, speaking directly to both new and existing customers.

At Cream Soda Media, a social media agency based in Surrey, we develop bespoke campaigns that get results. When it comes to social media, we know exactly what we are doing.

Social Media Marketing Services in Surrey 

Our social media managers get to work by establishing the fundamentals about your business. We aim to gain a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, who your audience is and bring that together to help inform our strategy. With this information, we can then begin to build a campaign that will help your business to grow.

In addition, we also run competitor analysis as this will often give us an insight into what key players in your industry are doing, how they are doing it, and how well it is working. This enables us to put right their wrongs, build from their successes and develop a strategy that will work harder for your business.

Social Media Management Across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all the Rest

Many businesses across Surrey and the UK make the mistake of placing their focus on every platform that’s available to ‘cover all bases’. This can lead to wasted time and effort as social media management is about streamlining the approach and ensuring the right platforms work hard for you, speaking directly to your audience in their own language.

Gaining audience insights will directly impact your campaign strategy and we make it our business to ask the right questions to ensure maximum impact. Where does your target audience spend most of the time online? Are they young and professional? Are they more attuned to engaging with images as opposed to text? With our experience and knowledge, we begin to shape your strategy, ensuring that you harness the power of the right platforms. We put your brand on the map, we give you a voice and we make sure that it resonates with your audience. Being ahead of the game with a presence on new, emerging platforms can often set you apart from competitors as you become trend makers not followers.

Social Media Marketing Results You Can See

So how is the impact of our work evaluated? We promise a lot but it’s what we do and how we do it that delivers the results you expect. Transparent, quantifiable reporting is essential to allow you to see first hand how your strategy is performing and how your company or brand is being received. We won’t overload you with jargon, so we keep the results simple to digest and communicate to your internal and external teams.

This level of transparency is an important part of the business but it gives you the scope to measure activity. We also regularly analyse and work proactively to ensure that your social media campaign strategy is continuing to engage in the way you expect.

How Our Social Media Agency Gets Results in Surrey?

Our Social Media Gurus are well versed when it comes to social media management for small business or start up. We treat yours like our own. We won’t take complete control of your social media accounts because we understand that you will still want to engage with your audience. We also make sure that we don’t bombard them with sales messages so as not to dilute the impact and lose consumer trust. Taking a considered approach, we have the scope to do things the right way.

So, we assist with the following:

Consulting - The strategy we create will be based around your goals. We can either work with your in-house team or take care of things completely. Whatever approach is required, we’ll work with it researching best-fit hashtags and competitor profiling.

Brand Management - We make sure that we set up your profiles in the right way. Ensuring people know who you are and what you’re all about. From usernames to profiles, we make sure we portray the right image of your brand.

Tone of Voice - Getting the tone right is vital to ensuring that your business engages. So, we set the tone and give your audience something to connect with. Our team of copyrighters always have the best rapport.

Platform Monitoring - We make sure that we monitor all platforms to see who is talking about you, what they’re saying and what they’re thinking. With this information, we can then join the conversation and contribute where necessary, helping to build relationships.

Social PPC - While we will handle all updates, we will also take care of paid social ads. Implemented correctly, they will enhance your presence and help to generate interest in your business, products and services. Whatever the platform, we can make it count.

No.1 Influencer Marketing Agency That Grows Your Brand

Every consumer is an Influencer and can affect the way your company or brand is perceived in the outside world. Harnessing their power and voice can provide an effective and impactful way to gain and spread consumer trust and manage external messaging. A relatively inexpensive way to build consumer loyalty and experience public reaction first hand, Influencer Marketing can actively develop your brand positioning and provide a fun, interactive way for consumers to get hands on with what you have to offer.

It’s essential to drive the follower numbers up across your social networks in order to maximise awareness. Don’t be fooled into ‘buying’ followers as this can backfire negatively on how your company is perceived externally. Gradually developing a network of influencers is a tried and tested way to build a social support system, garner consumer trust and deliver short term, impactful campaign strategies.

With content being king these days, we’ve worked with TikTok influencers who have delivered over 15million views for certain clients and resulted in trackable sales spikes at retail. When it works, it works well and what’s more, usage of Influencer content can boost your social profile and give your audience a reason to visit your owned pages.

Expert Influencer Campaign Selection

Each partner influencer is selected according to their best fit niche, with a full historical review on any loud political views or opinions that you may not be comfortable with. Only reliable, trusted brand ambassadors are selected, which if you work with long term, can also be relied upon to protect you from potential consumer backlash and act as a spokesperson for your company or brand.

You don’t need to reach for the stars with Macro ambassadors. The lower to medium Micro influencers can drive higher engagement because they are closer to their original followers who rely on them posting similar themes again and again. Larger YouTube or TikTok personalities drift off from one item to the next, are often ‘owned’ by larger brands and lack strong engagement vs video views.
Although having a celebrity influencer can be great for your company image in the short term, the expense, potential lack of deliverables and risk associated with working with them can present major issues as to how your brand is perceived. By partnering with several lower cost influencers, you can accrue major views, ensure all communication is on brand and track click-throughs to your eCommerce site. Our Surrey Social Media Agency excels in driving real website traffic from influencer marketing.

Bespoke Social Media Campaigns Across Surrey & UK

• For unboxing videos, we identify which platform would provide the maximum impact for you’re your target audience.
• Need visual, ‘how-to’ content creation? YouTube could be the answer.
• Need to target a younger generation to generate exhilarating, music and challenge themed short form content? TikTok is an option.
• Instagram provides a unique combination of static post images and video reels plus can be relatively inexpensive.
• Facebook is a great place to build trust, create a branded page to grow follower numbers, and enable longer-term campaign planning.

With our paid social media options we can devise a bespoke campaign strategy to extend dwell time, engagement and push stories out further and harder. For example, we can drop your product into the middle of a story/video, so it takes up a relevant part of a YouTubers 20min video.

It’s all about storytelling when it comes to unboxing and content creation. We create themed, branded packages with your product inside and a full brief for each influencer consisting of fun, exciting challenges to extend the coverage opportunities and develop real engagement drivers.

Creating excitement from the moment the delivery van drops off the parcel, we also encourage influencer giveaways, product competitions and branded incentives to drive follower numbers and get more products into more people’s hands.

Full reporting post-campaign will give you an insight into engagement levels, viewer numbers, and UTM click-throughs to your chosen website.

Our Surrey Social Media Agency Covers You If The Worst Should Happen

Opening yourself up to directly interact with your customer base inevitably provides your audience with a platform via which to be vocal about your brand or business. Whilst you can revel in the praise and utilse this for internal comms and company development, you also need to be prepared to react responsibly and quickly to any consumer complaints, issues or problems that arise.

Our experienced team includes fully trained social media crisis management consultants who are on hand to advise and respond should you require assistance in developing the right strategy to contain any potential crisis or issue. We want to ensure you have a helping hand every step of the way should you need it.

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