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Social media marketing

Organic Social Media Practice.

Social media is the easiest form of communication you can undertake. Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, Pinterest and even LinkedIn are organic search avenues for new followers. By organic we mean attracting friends, past customers and those using keywords and hashtags. That’s something you can manage daily, but at times it can be a headache for business owners. For your existing followers, the potential to show off immediately your latest service or product cannot be matched anywhere else. It is key to update your accounts to maintain affinity with your customer.

We can take this heat off you for a small bespoke package. Updating your account posts with images, copy, with hashtag research, whilst responding to replies and keeping you informed. This way you can concentrate on your job, we will do the rest.

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Adding a catalyst to these social media accounts is key to attracting new customers. The more followers that subscribe, the easier it is to gain new business. Cream Soda Media uses business software to plan tactical online marketing campaigns by demographic, interest and regions, using multiple advert styles with Images, Gallery & Video. Keywords are a critical part and will be specific to your business, with popular and long tail variations. We recreate the assets just for you to provide that bespoke offering.

We don’t jump in with both feet until we test each piece of communication on the customer. Once a leader ad appears, we re-focus your funds generating faster leads. We track daily, reporting back as often as you require.

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