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Our Influencer Marketing Agency in Surrey, plays in the Super League of brand exposure, engagement and click-throughs, for the right reasons.  

The so called Big 6 English Premier League football clubs attempted and failed to conclude their long awaited dream of creating a European Super League.  An effort to combine 20 of the largest European teams with mid-week games to create more viewing numbers on TV, in stadiums, and ultimately driving more revenue from family’s, investors and subscription TV.  

However as an SEO focused Digital Marketing Agency, who handles marketing campaigns across the UK, why not keyword spin this news in favour of UK business.  What is becoming the super league of marketing? It’s Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are Here To Stay 

Brand partnerships with established creators and influencers are showing super league growth above traditional advertising and other digital planning.  

This is more apparent with those businesses with consumer products, where longer form content can present more of an emotional pull.  

Longer content with Influencers brings advantages due to more time spent showcasing features and benefits with your product.  No customer wants to be the first purchaser and whilst product reviews on your site (if you have any?) may help, watching a YouTuber or reading a blogger’s experience with your product will build more brand trust.

Why Go Super League with Influencer Marketing

All our retained customers have 50% of their marketing spend directed with Instagram and YouTube influencers.  Company owners want to showcase best practices for their European offices or US head office.  

It glorifies products and replicates what the end customer would actually feel.  It’s the best shareable content and some influencers do have exposure cross-market. 

Influencers Have Super League Production Capability

The advantages of Influencers are that they prepare and film from a ready-made home suite, or with a real family unit that is truly connected.  You get an instant best-prepared studio and a cast who show real emotional rapport, with the whit to make videos natural and engaging.


Influencer Marketing Will Super League Brand Exposure

Other forms of marketing take longer to connect with consumers.  TV commercials for instance need x 3.5 OTS (opportunity to see) for the message to connect, yes that’s 3.5 times to watch an advert before any consumer brand re-call develops.

Influencers can provide an instant tent pole boost to click throughs. Whereas Facebook / Instagram marketing will need at least a week, depending on budgets, to learn the algorithm /target market and deliver the communication objectives.

Influencers provide instant coverage for brands to their followers, there isn’t a lag or slow build as with social media advertising. Whatever ever your holiday target, Half-time Term, Book Week, Easter, Mothers Day/ Fathers Day, switching on an influencer partnership for 3 weeks prior can help your customer view the video, click through to your site, make a purchase and have it delivered to the recipient on time.  

You have not just brought your marketing into the super league, but super charged it for your tent pool selling periods.


Influencer Videos Provide The Best Flexibility

Whilst You Tube pre-rolls improve viewer attention vs TV, they must be edited to squeeze in the best 6 seconds of footage before the user usually skips.  Shot video content sometimes is not there to manage this and maybe the brand manager did not have this in mind at storyboard stage.


Influencers Have Played In The Super League Already 

Facebook and Instagram advertising all hangs on one post or video, but is the message clear, have you got at least 4 different adverts to test and have you placed enough marketing budget behind them?  Influencers briefed correctly will manage to deliver your key messages within their video length.  They understand the objectives and know what engagement is possible based on previous posts.

Influencers tap straight into their follower’s psychology, connection and relationship with them. Marketers can cut through the 3.5 OTS and bypass any time limits with prerolls.  The average person will watch YouTube videos for just under 12minutes, how about that for Super League consumer engagement, you can’t buy that anywhere else online.


Super League Influencer Marketing Can Be Shared

Tik Tok shows how you can share influencer content on an iPhone

Influencer content can also be shared instantly through their followers connections, where as other bought media cannot.  A creator with a funny video can easily be shared amongst across Facebook, Twitter or emailed via a link, in fact it can be shared almost 14 different ways from the YouTube page.

Tik Tok goes further by allowing shares via Snap Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram & Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, and email.  This is where views can go virally big time and we have seen dizzy heights of 15m views with our brands.

Not only shared, but you can gain permission to re-use the creator content on your own social media channels to impress your own in-house followers and Super League it even more.  With more negotiation you can also fine tune the content into pre-roll ads adverts and use a recognised brand endorser.

How Much Does Super League Influencer Marketing Cost 

We’re not as expensive as those football clubs.  Our influencer packages start at around £2,000 – £3000 for a respected Instagram Influencer at around £250k followers.  

If you want to drive traffic to your ecommerce site and go for glory around a specific date in the year, do get in touch and we will build best practice around you.

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