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Branding & Design

Cream Soda Media employs a rich bunch of in-house creatives who have seen a diverse range of work, providing experience across many industries. You can find our core services below.

Social Media Banners

Do you wish to look more creative, unique and inviting? You may see these themed artworked skins which appear on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube or Email. These are open to anyone like you and in return you will receive higher engagement, especially if they look bespoke and have a call to action.

We get illustrative every week for retailers and medium sized B2B & B2C clients. We always aim to embed videos for better conversion – that’s people who click! Artwork can be scaled for any device so your brand looks the part and delivers the message clearly. We will be clearer than your children’s attempts of creativity on your mobile phone…

Logos and Branding

Are you launching a product, shop, magazine or a web page ?  You need an identity, a proposition and importantly you want to look original.  We can discuss your thoughts and any design ideas, whilst undertaking competitor checks.  From there we will focus on your preferred logo options and develop your consumer brand proposition.  We are flexible with amends and don’t charge endless fees for changes.  We fully understand we are all human.

Whether your product is on shelf, online or in print, Cream Soda Media manage the entire suite of design to undertake Logos, Packaging and Instructions.  Templates will be provided to enable you to transfer artwork assets across your business.

We hold a shortlist of recommended printers who can handle any job from large scale 10k+ units print runs, to 1 x digital print out.

Retail Digital Print Solutions

If you are working direct to retail and require off shelf solutions for incremental sales, we can design and print to all UK & EU retail specifications.

Using High Dynamic Range Print Technology, we run with speed whilst ensuring quality. Some of the projects we work with are Free-Standing Display Units (FSDU’S), Pallets, Floor Graphics, Large Format Posters, shelf strips and all In-store Theatre.

We can deliver any project to any retailer DC / warehouse worldwide, flat packed in bulk, in kit form or already assembled complete with product.

Catalogue Design

The days of printed catalogues are numbered, however your sales force may need the odd publication or you are designing for a high street retailer. Our team are flexible to design within tight space constraints and will maximise the product features and highlights.

Style Guide Creation

If you want to produce your own fixed style guide for your new franchise and you require a catalogue of approved assets for your partners / franchisees – then try us, we love this stuff.

From brief we can create fonts, logos, backgrounds, packaging and retail examples to help guide your partners. Franchisees will be better prepared for the approval process when submitting projects to you. Cream Soda Media can place all hi res assets for download on a secure online site with user password access, saving you time transferring files.

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