Cyber Security Programs help to build, implement and maintain ongoing protection to reduce cyber risk in a way that is unique and right for your business.

Here are the first points of call when it comes to Cyber Security.


1. Next Gen Endpoint Protection Antivirus + Firewall.

Even though everyone in this industry agrees it needs to be known as something less cheesy then ”next gen” its function and capabilities make it the most important place to start. Traditional ”legacy” AV uses signature detection to detect malware and prevent attacks. The problem is that it can only detect a signature that is known to be malicious to it, which is a good start but for the past 6-7 years 0 day (zero day). Malware has been introduced which will get past these methods very easily. Next Gen AV uses AI (AI, machine learning, deep learning, all the same technique pretty much), to detect 0 day malware by its behaviour patterns. They are also cloud native which means they are fast, can update automatically and will not affect performance on your endpoints compared to legacy.

The Firewall will also be a key factor of protection, as this is where all traffic should have to pass through get on a network and reach an endpoint.  Our managed firewall program provides 24/7 support from a UK based Op centre.  The expert engineers have Check Point Master status, it is the highest level of certification, providing you access to top rated tech resource.

Cream Soda Media can offer you a completely free Malware Assessment which will clearly show and detail anything you would want to be aware of and any urgencies. (Subject to specialist approval)


2. Email Security

Over 90% of attacks today start with an email. This is because it is easier to trick a human to grant access to your network and stay hidden than any current security technology you are likely to have in place. G Mail, O365 all have spam filtering and very basic security policies in place but they do not claim to be secure. In fact, they even have statements that clearly suggest you have email protection in place that focuses on this completely – wrong. We have different security technologies options to stop phishing and spam, and compliance features like archiving and data loss protection. Our email security will even open up suspicious attachments in a virtual environment to see if they are malicious, and will block them and let you know what they found.


3. Web Security
(Web Filtering)

Another easier way of access for an attacker. Protect employees and guests from accessing malicious sites with DNS-level category and security policy controls. Control what content is accessible by employees and guests by enforcing acceptable use policies through 90+ granular category filters. Extend protection to employees when accessing the web remotely, including from home and on the move, through an on-device security agent.


4. Cloud Security

Like statements from the email providers about security, the same is for the cloud providers. It is called the shared responsibility model. It is the end users responsibility to ultimately ensure they are securing their data, apps and whatever they are throwing up there. Cloud Security is the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures stored in the cloud.

There are 2 routes to Cyber Security. You can apply layers of security by using best of breed technologies where they are known for being the best. Or you can have a more single pane of glass approach where you can use 1 or a few technologies and vendors to look after multiple parts of your network and organisation to mitigate risk and stay compliant.

Our comprehensive services portfolio comes in 4 steps.

Step 1 – Discover Baseline Assessments for –

Security | Governance, Risk & Compliance | CE Plus Adoption | Cloud Security + M365 + Cyber Insurance.

Step 2 – Design

Security Design Services | Technical Advisory Service.

Step 3 – Deliver

Security Implementation | Incident Response Service | Cyber Controls Program | Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Program | Cyber Attack & Breach Assessment Program | CE Plus Implementation Service.

Step 4 – Operate

Managed Firewall Service | Check Point Service | Check Point Management Platform | Managed SIEM Service | Cloud Security Support Service | End Point Detection & Response.



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