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A website without SSL Cert will lose rankings

Why Is My Website Not Secure? How To Fix It

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Security for your website matters

A secure website is an important thing to consider if you have recently designed or are planning to develop and website in the future. It is easy to forget about security when developing a website, but the importance of keeping your users and their information safe cannot be overstated.

If your site is insecure, you will be putting visitors at risk, and this can not only harm your traffic levels, but it can also make it very problematic should anyone try to take legal action against you for not taking the necessary security measures.

Online and database security is vital if you want to make sure that you can provide your customers, readers, or general site visitors with a safe and useful platform through your website. If you cannot do this, your website will suffer in Google and Bing page ranking, and you will find it hard to get on the front page.

Even if you do get on the front page, your traffic may be limited due to visitors at the site leaving quickly if they do not feel safe. Thus, if you want your website to succeed, no matter what your goals may be, you need to ensure that your website is secure.

There are a few key things to consider if you fear your website is not secure and there are also some simple things that you can do to provide a safe environment for visitors.

“Your Connection Is Not Secure” as a Visitor.

You will know if your site or any other site that you visit is not secure as Google does a good job of telling you straight away. You will usually get a “this site is not secure” message next to an information icon in the address bar. This is telling you that the site is not offering a secure connection, and you are at risk of security threats.

This usually means you are accessing the site via an HTTP link, rather than an HTTPS one. This may be due to the way you have typed in the address if the site does not offer a default HTTPS link, or it may be due to the fact that the site does not offer a secure connection at all.

If it is a site that you use frequently, you may wish to get in touch with the site administrators to see if they can change this, as if not you will be at risk of being hacked, losing valuable information or getting a virus on your computer. So, if you ever come across a website that you don’t fully trust that says it is not secure, you should stop using that site immediately.

How do I Make my Website secure i.e. HTTPS

SSL Certification to improve your website security.

The best way to ensure that you can provide a secure website for your site visitors is by obtaining an SSL certificate. This is a Secure Sockets Layer, which essentially acts as an encryption method that protects all of your users’ information and keeps the connection secure.

It requires no extra work on your part or on the part of your customers, and so you don’t need to worry about doing anything with it when you get it. 

The cost of SSL certificates is fairly low, and so it is not a big investment on the part of the site owner. With SiteGround hosting, they actually provide it for free. However, it is essential that you have it on your website, so it displays the classic padlock icon in the search bar that tells your visitors, readers and customers that they are on a secure website.

The absence of a valid SSL certificate can thus have a drastic effect on your page ranking and decrease your traffic and potentially your revenue as a result. 

Benefits of HTTPS / SSL Security for your Business

SSL security encrypts all of the data being transmitted through your site, be it payment data, credit card information or simply email addresses. This means it cannot end up in the wrong hands. It also ensures that your visitors are connected to the right server, and they are getting what they are asking for. 

It is useful if your site involves file sharing, and it will ensure that nobody downloads any unwanted viruses alongside their content.

It can also be used to secure connections between servers and even email exchanges. It is also vital if you are using file transfer protocols (FTP) to edit the base data of your website.

SSL certification is useful for securing any cloud-based activity using your site, and it can also be used to make sure that all login credentials, if applicable, are kept secure as well. 

HTTPS is an SEO search engine box tick, one in a line of many general SEO practices. Google likes trustworthy sites and will start to show you in the rankings, based on your site’s relevance to the search terms vs the competition.

PPC campaigns will also be improved as your quality score is upgraded and cost per click is reduced. Your click rate response to the ad should increase because visitors also trust the site – most users are savvy to safe and unsafe websites.

If you are running an ecommerce website, then you will be taking payment details from your customers that are buying your products, alongside personal information such as email addresses and billing addresses as well. Thus, you are handling some very sensitive information that could end up in the wrong hands if you are not careful. You must provide trust to the end consumer.

Payment information is valuable to hackers for obvious reasons, and thus it is your duty to protect your customers from these threats. But it is not just e-commerce sites that need to keep their customers safe.

If you are running a blog collecting email addresses for your email list, it is also your duty to make sure that none of those email addresses end up in the wrong hands too.

Regardless of which type of website you have designed or plan to develop, you need to make sure that your users are not subjected to threats of any kind. Even just having an insecure platform with no data collection requires security. If you don’t have it in place site visitors could end up getting viruses indirectly through your website.

Enhance Your Website with Anti-Malware CyberSecurity

You don’t just need to install SSL certification on your site to make sure that it is secure for both you and your users, there are extra steps you can take that will lock things down even further.

One of the most common ways to make sure that your site is secure is by using anti-malware software to ensure that there are no threats lurking on your site that you cannot see.

You should also make sure that any passwords that you use yourself are strong, and you should also perhaps implement the enforcing of strong passwords for your users if you plan to use a member login system.

You also need to make sure that your website, and any plugins or extra software you plan to use, is kept up to date as well. Using out of date software is a sure-fire to invite viruses and hackers onto your website by exploiting security imperfections in older versions of web software.

Check your Website Blog Comments  

If you use a comment system on your website, where users can leave comments as long as they have a registered account, you may wish to manually check each one to make sure that there is no malicious content being shared in the comment section.

This may take time, but it will be worth it for the long-term security of your website. Hackers know that comment sections are vulnerable to attack, as all they need to do is make an account with your site.

You should also make sure that you keep your site backed up, just in case anything drastic goes wrong, you want to be able to fix things as fast as possible.

Other good practices involve making sure that only people you trust have access to the back end of the website, and you should only ever get or use content from trusted sources.

A key thing to make sure is that you only ever upload images that you take yourself, or that you can be sure come from a trusted source. Images are one of the most common ways that hackers can compromise websites, and so locking these down from the very beginning is one of the best security measures that you can take as a website owner. 


There are many reasons that your site may not be secure. It could be down to the software that you have used to create the website, or simply that you have not kept that software up to date. The site may have unsafe content or images being displayed, that could present security threats to your site’s visitors.

Or, most commonly, you may not be using SSL encryption to ensure that your site is displayed as a secure website, keeping your visitors on a secure connection.

SSL security is a simple thing to use as a web developer, but the advanced technology that goes into the SSL encryption process makes it a powerful tool against hackers and viruses.

You can get a hold of SSL certificates for your website fairly cheap, but you can also spend a lot of money, so you are best to do your own research before you buy.

You will find plenty of hosting providers out there on the market, so you have a lot of choices. You don’t just need to be collecting sensitive data to require an SSL encryption certificate and no matter what kind of website you have you should get one.

Do everything you can to ensure that your site stays secure. This can be as simple as updating your site regularly, to making sure you only ever use trusted content. No matter how you do it, keeping your website secure is the best way to ensure the safety of your customers and site visitors and to ensure that you keep getting high traffic to your site. 


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Google logo created in lights made out of letters, with the words 'why is my site not ranking on google above it.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking On Google?

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If you own a website, it is imperative that you ensure it ranks well on Google Search. Even with all your efforts, if your website is not ranking or showing on Google Search, there could be some internal issues that could be easily rectified. What are the factors that could be preventing your website from showing on Google or other search engines? The website may not be Indexed by Google, not listed on Google My Business for local SEO, contains poor SEO with no meta tags or image optimisation, lacks mobile friendliness, and authoritative web content.


Googler Search console report showing impressions and clicks from a website ranking on google

Google search is very complex with algorithms determining how your site ranks, you have to make sure you satisfy the relevant requirements. With thousands of websites out there, competition is fierce and by not ranking, you could be missing out on a significant amount of traffic.  You may be thinking of Pay Per Click to cover the cracks, but hold on.

In this post, we will consider some of the possible reasons why your website might not be ranking on Google and how you can fix them.


My Site Content is not Ranking on any Google Page

If you head to Google and input a search query in the hope of seeing your website ranking on the first page, you need to understand that you are not searching for your website in its entirety. In fact, you are searching for certain pages within your website and this is something you have to understand.

Google has to be aware of the existence of the specific web pages online for which you might be trying to rank for in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), if not, then it will not reveal the page anywhere in the search results.

This is the reason why you should ensure that:


  • Google is aware of the existence of your website while being able to find, as well as access every page on your website.
  • There is a page within your website that is relevant for the given set of keywords that you are searching for.
  • You have confirmed with Google that the website pages are authentic and worthy of ranking for the given target search query.


Reasons Why Your Website is Not Showing on Google Search

While you might not be satisfied with the fact that your website does not rank on Google, the good news is that there are a multitude of things you can do to ensure it does. However, these are the reasons why your website might not be ranking.


1. Website Not Registered With Google My Business

If your website is not registered with Google My Business, then Google might not consider your website to be authentic, authoritative or trustworthy.


Log in page for setting your company up on google my business

Google is known to take the most convenient route when it comes to finding and delivering relevant results. When your online business has a dedicated Google My Business account, it allows the search engine to determine that your website wants to be ranked, and that it is updated with relevant information that searchers will find informative.

You can visit the Google My Business official page and follow the instructions to create your Google My Business account. Here, you are required to enter crucial details about your business, including name, address, phone number, email address and opening times if required.

Along with this, you’ll benefit from user reviews and feedback as this will also inform Google as to who you are whether you are legitimate. Local SEO is highly effective when implemented correctly.


Picture showing inside google my business, where you can create posts and new photos

You must maintain this listing like a social media page, maintain it with new photos, create posts to make it appear active to your end user.


2. Poor Website SEO will limit a Website’s Rank on Google

SEO –Search Engine Optimization remains at the core of website ranking on the SERPs. If your website is not showing on Google, the chances are that you are not implementing the right SEO strategies for your business.

Whether you are not making use of the right SEO strategies or utilizing bad SEO practices, the results are going to be impacted negatively.

While SEO is about generating traffic for your website through improved rankings, poor SEO practices will achieve the opposite.

This can include duplicate content to not using relevant backlinks, keyword stuffing in content, using low-quality guest posts and more –there are several factors that could contribute to poor SEO.

When you want to improve the overall ranking, it is recommended that you implement the right SEO strategies. For the best outcomes, you should consider using professional SEO services.


3. Using Quick, DIY SEO Tricks Harms Google Ranking

While it is highly tempting to make use of shortcuts, it simply does not work in the long-term when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. There are several unauthorized SEO service providers that offer improved results instantly with the help of quick, DIY SEO practices.

However, it is important to note that SEO requires expertise, planning and the correct strategies that achieve results organically. You are required to consider several factors while implementing SEO strategies for your business.

Most of the DIY SEO tricks that promise results overnight tend to be unethical and irrelevant. Moreover, if Google finds out you have taken this approach, it could even penalize your website. Therefore, the experts always recommend that you should refrain from using shortcuts, and only trust reliable, professional experts.


4. Google Has Not Indexed Your Website

If you have just launched your website, and it is not ranking on Google, then the chances are that Google has yet not listed your website. How do you know if your website is indexed or not?


Showing how using Site: can bring up all the pages indexed on the BBC website, on google
Use Site:yourdomainname to show up Indexed Pages

There are several tools that you can use and one simple tool to use is inputting Site:yoursite.com into Google. This will return results that indicate which, if any of the pages are indexed. If there are no pages, your website is not indexed and will need to be submitted using the Google Search Console. This is a very quick and easy process that takes very little time but will ensure your website will eventually become visible to Google.


a laptop shows the google search console, with words advising to submit a sitemap for indexing your site to rank on google

If your website is relatively new and you have submitted it to Google through the Google Search Console then it might take a few weeks for Google to come across your website and list it.


5. Your Website is Not Mobile-friendly to be Ranked

Mobile devices are now becoming mainstream and are now more widely used than desktops and so, Google is now opting to return mobile-friendly sites before standard desktop sites.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a website that is mobile-friendly.  More people are opting for convenient browsing on their smart devices and this is why Google is now considering it important.

However, your website should be responsive. This implies that the website can be easily viewed upon and navigated on all devices –including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Your website should be simple to navigate, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your users. If you fail to do this, then it will only result in Google penalising your website.

Any reputable web designer will ensure that every website is responsive. It’s an industry standard and something that should be considered during the design process.

You could consider installing additional website plug-ins to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important –both for the overall SEO and user experiences.


6. Poor Ranking on Google Due to Meta Tags Not Optimised.

Search engines are known to make use of meta tags as a way of understanding what your website is and what it offers. Every page on your website is expected to have its own set of meta tags. The meta tags that you use on your web pages can be optimized to describe the particular content on your chosen pages.

Some portion of the information will be visible in search engine results. Therefore, you should ensure the meta tags are clear, concise and get to the point. This is because it is going to be the first thing that most visitors will learn about the particular webpage.

The Header tags that you use on the website are extremely important as they are going to impact the respective search engine ranking based on what you include in them. To optimize the meta-tags you can:


  • Include the respective keywords for which you want the webpage to rank
  • Keep the overall length of the tag within 55 characters
  • Download ‘All On One SEO’ or ‘Yoast SEO’ which have easy user interface plugins to help direct you on this area.


7. Poor Content Optimisation Means Poor Ranking

Have you optimised the overall content of every web page? There are more than 200 indicators that Google makes use of for ranking your website in respective search results. Most of the indicators can be improved upon by either editing or adding different elements of the website such as the meta-description, meta-tags, and more.

Google is highly complex but it expects websites to provide useful content that delivers user satisfaction. The more relevant the content, the more likely it is to be returned.

Everything, including the titles, page headings, file names for the images, and even internal links should be optimised to improve search engine ranking results. For the best results, you should consider professional SEO assistance to optimize the content on your website.


8. Google Ignores Sites with a Lack of Quality Content

The presence of high-quality content on your website can have a significant impact on how well your website performs as far as the overall rankings are concerned.

Your website should have relevant content to ensure it is valued by Google and your target audience and that it ranks well. It is recommended that every page on your website should have informative, engaging content that satisfies the requirements of Google. Some of the most effective ways to post high-quality content is to:


  • Develop useful content that educates, engages and informs
  • Create content that resonates with your target audience
  • Focus on problems your readers experience while providing solutions


The conclusion to Ranking on Google Search

There are several factors that help determine the ranking or visibility of your website on Google. You should aim to follow the correct guidelines to optimize the overall visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. Website Maintenance plans can help to keep track of the monthly changes your website is hit with.  The more you are able to understand your website and Google criteria, the easier it will become for you to deliver a high-quality user experience and rank well with Google.



Our team is the best digital marketing agency in Surrey, of course we would say that. For an immediate review on Web Design and SEO practices, please contact Cream Soda Multimedia on Email support@creamsodamedia.com | Office +44 (0)1276 490448



Database security for small & medium sized businesses

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Is your database security locked down? Your company handles a lot of data, for example, customer data for marketing and transactional purposes, and many of you create your own database. It’s important to keep all that data secure and away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, hackers – those nasty cybercriminals – continually attack companies to steal data and sell it to the highest bidder. Even if you have a small business you are prone to deal with this Malware security risk, so it’s extremely important to find ways to eliminate it. And that’s where database security comes into play.

Cream Soda Media manages Check Point Managed Fire Walls for various clients, wanting to protect their database entry points.  The Check Point Firewall is a 24/7 monitoring service, analysing any escalation of cybersecurity which requires immediate action.  It monitors any request for changes outside of your protocols, which you can set, also providing you with an online dashboard of real-time reports.

Why should my database have antivirus protection?

Why should I pay for database security? The most important thing to consider about databases, is they hold long term company data. This could be your budgetary plans, financial accounts, marketing plans, employees’ salary, and addresses + customer details. When competitors or cybercriminals access that data, they use it to cause real harm to your business. Not only that, but data leaks, in general, can be detrimental to your company’s image.

showing a malware virus entering a business database


Customers or suppliers will trust you less if they see your data spread online. They are afraid the same thing might happen to them if supplier cost prices or customer terms are shared. Malware security ensures that you deal with any issues like this before they appear. Not only do you protect your company data, but you also maintain company & brand reputation

Should I invest in database security for my business?

Any business should. As you can see above, even the smallest data leak can have awkward consequences. People will trust your business less, future sales or client recruitment could be tarnished and the PR from such leaks would be disastrous.  You must focus on protecting your database with the right security software. Doing this will provide more confidence – which is a 2-way thing (customer and you) and control.  Business database security eliminates any possible challenges while still having power over the process and experience itself. do not be a victim.

How does the GDPR affect all of this?

Data protection has become very important in the past few years, and with so many leaks the EU had to take action. That’s where the GDPR comes into play. This set of rules enforces customers to have more control over their data. On top of that, if your company uses customer data incorrectly or you encounter data leaks, then you end up paying a whole lot of money as a penalty. Obviously this can ruin any small business, and that’s exactly why you employ a Next Gen Antivirus System to offer comprehensive data protection and benefits.

How can data protection benefit my business?

Data protection can have a massive impact on your business and the way you operate. It might not seem like a lot, but when you run a business, you manage a lot of personal data from your clients. This comes in the form of their name, address, bank accounts and this should be out of reach for anyone outside.

However, hackers can attack your company and access all that data. By investing in data protection, you will find it easier to meet compliance requirements and prevent breaches. Not only that but it will show customers that they can trust you

Data protection helps show everyone that your brand delivers and maintains value in the long run. It also helps to protect business growth with any hiccups. You have a lot more goodwill and control over how people see you in the business world and that alone matters more than you imagine.

Endorsing cyber security for a database proves a focus on ethics and how important they are for your business. The more you focus on results and value, the easier it will be to generate more leads and customers. It’s a great way for you to support the customer, push the boundaries, and improve the services you offer.

Once you are confident data is secure, you can finally focus on expanding your products and services with more personalised features. This brings in more attention and value for customers since they know you are delivering exactly what they need.

In addition, data protection helps improve well-being, people don’t want their address leaked, never mind their details being used for credit card and loan applications

How to enable security controls on my database

Old databases didn’t have a lot of security features. Newer databases however require passwords to gain access to the fully stored data. Something as simple as checking the security controls and making sure everything is fully optimised for your customer’s safety will help.

You can even restrict database access to specific customers and staff, that will make control easier and a lot more convenient when you protect any data. When less people have access, it’s easier to figure out where a leak is coming from.  Break access up by department i.e. Finance, Customer Services, Operations or Marketing and give them each Admin status, reducing access for all depletes cyber risk.

Start providing temporary passwords at each log in, therefore you eliminate the risk of saved passwords being leaked or stolen.  The numbers of Admin should be minimised to reduce and control to certain actions on the database.

You should also consider checking the path level configuration. This will help you figure out if the default settings are vulnerable or not

Should I disallow database copying in my business

Why is this a good idea? Sometimes hackers will not delete the file, they will just copy it. What you can do is to disallow the database copying process. It will help you prevent anyone from copying and duplicating data, all cyber criminals can do is see the content.

Should I encrypt all my customer & company data

Encryption can help prevent hackers from accessing important company data. You need to focus on making it as hard as possible for anyone to break into customer details. Make sure that you always use the best and latest encryption systems. The last thing you want is to keep your data on a hard drive that anyone in the company can access.

Your database and the backup database needs to be encrypted with limited access. This way few people actually know how to decrypt and access that. Thankfully, you can prevent such issues with a professional database security solution

Stay away from external connections

Your database should never have accessibility features like external connections. The reason is simple, USB sticks or external devices can have malware and that will automatically bring in a massive range of problems for you. These can initiate data transfers automatically without even knowing, and you will find yourself with data leaks all over the internet very fast. If you want to keep your company safe, the best thing you can do is to implement the right database security firewall and stick to it.

Create a backup and recovery system

The reason why this type of feature works very well is that it allows you to focus on a failsafe in case there are problems. Having a copy of your data in a place where no one knows does help a lot. Even if the data is accessed, things like copy protection can keep you safe. Plus, even if the hacker deletes your files, you will have a dedicated copy somewhere else. It’s a system that a lot of businesses use and they consider it to be very helpful. You just have to do this yourself, but don’t offer information to anyone when it comes to where that backup might be located.

Cloud systems can work very well in this type of situation. However, not all of them are very secure, and if they lack data encryption you can end up with problems. It makes sense to have your company data encrypted and password protected even in the case of your backup. After all, you can never be too safe

Keep your database on a separate machine

Locate the data on a separate server, safe in a steel cage, or locked in a vented room.  Any backup (recommended) should also be treated in the same manner.  Do not place any database on a shared server.  These are cheaper options for hosting data, but you are then relying on 3rd party for security.

Establish a data fortress and update everything

Updating your software on the database allows you to prevent any potential hacks or zero-day issues. On top- of that, you want to use things like two-factor authentication, installing zero-day anti-malware solutions, and antivirus programs too. The more you focus on using those, the more you reduce data breaches. As we mentioned earlier, disconnect any peripherals like microphones or webcams, these can be used by attackers as an entry point into your system

Educate your employees

Most data breaches happen because employees don’t really know a lot about data safety. Train them in cybersecurity and data safety practices, make sure that they know how to use and customise security solutions as needed. Of course, you still need a very good, secure network infrastructure with limited access.

training employee on database security will help stop a virus

Business Database Security might not seem challenging, but when you get into it you will soon realise just how many entry points are unprotected, just like the Cloud. Use these tips and don’t hesitate to access database security services from Cream Soda Media if you want to keep all your data safe. It’s not going to be easy to stay away from data breaches.  However, if you educate your team, implement the right protective systems and limit access to your database, you will have a much easier time protecting that pivotal customer and business information


For an immediate review please contact Cream Soda Multimedia on Email support@creamsodamedia.com | Office +44 (0)1276 490448

Explaining the difference between web developer and designer

Explained- Web Designer or Web Developer

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What are Web Designers and Developers for ?

A website is the assemblage of similar web pages specified under a common domain name and publicised on at least one web server. This process of creating a website is called “Website Creation.”

Web design and Web development come into consideration when we address the topic “Website Creation,” a person who designs a website is known as a web designer. In contrast, a person who develops the site is called a web developer.

Web Developers or Web Designers exploit a vital role in many businesses’ website builds. Nevertheless, for a person in search of either, you must understand the differences between them as you seek to find a suitable individual to play the role of designing or development in your company’s website build.

Attention web designers you have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!

Creating a website is a very daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the right personnel to design or develop the site. Before explaining the differences between these two perspectives of website design, it is essential to understand the meaning and to be familiar with their process and what functions they take. We carry out web design services in Surrey, so have plenty of experience here.

What is web design​?

Web design is a creative process that leads to planning, conceptualising, and organising content for the internet. Web design goes beyond aesthetic to functionality as it comprises many different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites. Giving a website that quality web design requires essential elements that enable it to STAND OUT and also deliver an impressive user experience.

In the process of creating a website a web designer must ensure the following elements:


The overall look of a website encompasses a range of reactions a company/brand wants its visitors to have on the first appearance. It takes “50 milliseconds” for a website user to form an impression of a website, which will conclude whether they’ll stay or leave the site – that’s your bounce rate.

For elegant website design, there must be a balance between images and text on your page. A purposeful layout and visuals help to deliver excellent user experience, thereby giving your audience a notch of interest to interact with and keep engaged and converted for eCommerce.


Web design is an essential factor of a website project as it tends to develop flexibility across your entire platform.

Consistency helps to build brand recognition and keep the audience engaged on your web page for a more extended period. To maintain a consistent brand image on a website, a web designer needs a Style Guide or is there to provide one for you. We at Cream Soda Media help with this branding.

A style guide is a direction of how you want your website to look. With a style guide, you can determine the color, format, typography, etc., for each page on your website. It helps to ensure the consistency of your website with other pages each time a new component is enhanced.

Doing this will help the site to extend more modification down the line and also engage every user longer and create better brand recognition.


Implementing straight forward navigation for the audience is a key factor a web designer. When users access your website, they want to access information fast and direct, within 3 clicks ideally from anywhere on your site.

If website navigation is weak, it discourages audiences from engaging, because most website users don’t want to struggle with finding information on the site, users time is tight.

Including broad headings that comprise various subtopics is a way to help your audience find the information they are searching for quickly, even in this article we break up the sections with bold headers.

A web designer needs to make website navigation reasonable and self-explanatory as most visitors’ attention duration appears to be short. Attention to menus, sidebars, and footers are clear areas for users to jump to different landing pages.


Responsive bespoke design helps to guarantee that your audience has a satisfactory experience regardless of the device they use.

Website visitors from various parts of the world will access the website with different devices, comprising smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

76% of websites are accessed by mobile, thus putting on a responsive design will ensure you are optimised for all of the target market. A beautifully optimised design guarantees the audience has a positive experience when using it. Another term for this is UX Design.

With more mobiles and smart devices being used for online web access, due to the advancement of 5G speeds, more reliance on mobile design should be placed here.

Responsive design enables us to keep leads on a website for a longer, helping them to navigate freely and engage more.


​Website design can be amazing, but it won’t count if your audience doesn’t get to view it. Doing this makes web page speed an essential element of web design.

The page speed of a website enables it to load quickly; users accessing the website can get information quicker. A typical web page should have an average loading speed of 2.5 seconds on mobile and 1.28 seconds on desktops. Designers will optimise artwork and image sizes to maintain low loading speeds, which is now a key Google tick box for SEO score.

What is web development?

Web development is a website creation process that involves enhancing the website for hosting via intranet or internet. In the case of web development, web developers take the design created and organise an operational website using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc, to give rise to the design files. Our Cream Soda Media front page has that embedded on the opening page.

As we all understand, web development is the wisdom of being capable to formulate effective web solutions. Every web developer needs to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript from the back end to the front end.

A web developer is vital for responsive web design as they are capable of automatically personalising a web page layout based on what device or platform a web visitor uses to access the website. For this reason, it is proven that web development is essential for the success of generating more visitors.

Reasons You Need a Web Designer And Web Developer

You need designers and developers for the execution of a balanced website. It’s essential to know the role of both when searching for that right individual. Think of a web designer driving the initial concept on photoshop, the architect laying out the vision. The web developer is then the construction team, piecing it together and providing clearance and sign off that all the lifts and lights work!

Roles Of Web Designer In Website Creation

  1. Retain sufficient techniques in graphic design and logo design.
  2. Have a decent sentiment for user experience (UX), to recognise the most straight forward strategy for the task. It encompasses the layout, buttons, images, fonts and the general format of the website.
  3. He/she must adhere to the branding of the website, color palettes to manipulate, typography and readability of the website.
  4. Have an understanding of software tools such as the Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch to create the final layout design of the website.

Roles of a web developer in website creation

The web creation process is incomplete if it does not pass through an effective web development process. A web developer is the one who turns web design into a live website with the use of web languages and software tools to formulate the design and functionality.

For a successful website, a web developer must do the following;

  1. Capable in JavaScript libraries, styling processors, and framework to fasten the process of web development.
  2. Establish the backbone of the website using terminologies such as MySQL and PHP.
  3. Use the same IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). This is a software application tool where they code and build the structure of the website.
  4. Creates the basic frontier through which an audience interrelates with the website. This connection is assembled by developers using HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages.

Importance of web design and web development

Every company needs to understand what impact web development and web design have on the growth of its audience and business.

Let’s look into the top five elements of these two in the improvement of a company.

They set the first impression

Website development and design are important because it helps to impact how your audience perceives your brand.

The first impression you make, will either engage, retain, and convert them, or make them flee and turn to a competitor.

An appealing and updated website (new pages, posts) gives the audience a positive, trustworthy impression of your business. It’s necessary to maintain this to give your audience an optimistic impression.

They both create website consistency

Consistency is a vital factor in the process of website design. Therefore, web design and web development help create this right across your web page.

If your website is consistent, your audience gets familiar with your brand. However, for your website to look professional, you need to have the same styles, fonts, and layout across every page. Doing this will help build brand recognition.

It helps to build trust with your audience

A website with poor design or development makes your audience view your site untrustworthy, especially if the design is outdated and there have been no content updates.

Web development and web design are essential in building trust with your audience and making them remain on your website for a more extended period; doing this creates more opportunities for your business to capture those leads.

It benefits your website SEO strategy

Website design can be challenging to understand if you are not familiar with how it works; therefore, aligned development and design make your site SEO friendly.

A developer will understand the right CMS for your site, be it WordPress for example, a solid cornerstone of SEO ready content management systems.

Aside from how content is published on your website, design and development are vital to helping improve your site SEO strategy, therefore, making your site rank well on search engines and creating more awareness of your brand within a wide range.

Both will have background on H1 headers, HTML Tags, Image optimisation Alt Tags, Keyword placement, and will download helpful SEO interfaces like Yoast or All in One, which guide the owner in the future.

It makes page navigation easy

When it comes to having a successful website, your audience must enjoy easy navigation when on your site.

Information provided on your website should be easy to access; for this reason, web pages must have a breakneck loading speed.

Aside from developing the website, the developer takes the role to test the pages for ease of navigation regularly.

They do this to help eliminate bugs that may impede the ease of loading the web pages.

Conclusion on Design or Development

As the internet world evolves, web development and web design have played a vital role in the website creation process, thereby helping companies create more awareness of their brand.

Web design and web development could be misunderstood, especially in the case of businesses in search of a website or website redesign. This article aims to clarify the common fallacy that web development and web design are the same.


We are the best digital marketing agency in Surrey, based in Windlesham. Our course we would say that! Please email Cream Soda Media on support@creamsodamedia.com. We would love to hear from you on your next website project.


Threats from malware virus on your business

It could be you! Malware threatens your Business

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Do I need to invest in malware antivirus protection?  

Malware threatens business on a global persistent scale. In a recent study, the UK ranked 4th with ransomware detections. Nearly 30 billion Pounds lost due to cyber attacks in business processing. Over 32% of businesses and 22% of Charities had cyber breaches. This is actually a crisis waiting to happen for all of us.

These unexpected security breaches will hit company revenue and cyber analyst consultancy is on fire right now. Yet common thinking is that only large organisations are prime focus for malware attacks. Therefore you may ask, why does my small to medium sized business need antivirus and malware protection? You need malware antivirus protection because the real victim is small business. Security breaches mean data and communication loss, crashed system functions, exposed customer details and loss of reputation, and reduced revenue.

small business is worst hit by cyber malware attacks, they need security

Small businesses are the easy targets of the hackers. The hackers can hit more than a hundred small businesses at a time instead of intruding into a large organisation.

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Support published the following

In businesses that had these kinds of negative outcomes, the average (mean) cost to the business was £4,180 in 2019. This is higher than in 2018 (£3,160) and 2017 (£2,450). It indicates a broad trend of rising costs in cases where cyber attacks are able to penetrate an organisations defences

Once again, the average costs faced by larger businesses in these cases tend to be much higher (£9,270 for medium firms and £22,700 for large firms in 2019). And for charities facing such negative outcomes from breaches, the average cost was £9,470 in 2019.

However, the indirect costs, long-term costs and intangible costs of breaches – things like lost productivity or reputational damage – tend to be overlooked. This means that, when organisations reflect on their approaches to cyber security, they may be undervaluing the true cost and impact of cyber security breaches.

You may be one of those larger firms handling large sums without implementing high-end security technology in your transaction systems. Another UK study revealed that Malware threatens businesses with less than 500 employees had lost £1.8M per attack. The cyber breach drains out the sum and reputation of the company quickly.  Even those you would expect to have malware antivirus, i.e.Travelex – had to pay out $2.3M to retrieve lost information this year.  

What are the cyber security threats for my business? 

We’ve listed several Malware security threats for your business processing. It is high time for any company owner to get a clear picture of these attacks to enhance the security systems on their transaction platforms. 

The general security threats you should be aware of:

  • Malware Attacks 

The Malware attack is one of the cyber attacks common to small business. This attack occurs due to the Trojan and virus codes created by hackers to damage the data and intrude into networks. This type of attack enters into to the business IT systems through a malicious software download, unauthorised web page, spam email, or a connection with an infected system.  

Employees of small enterprises use their personal computers or persoal emails to complete the odd task. This type of work culture results in malware attacks, which change DNS settings, re-directing users’ traffic through malware servers. Most personal computers are highly prone to malware infections. 

  • Phishing Attacks 

The Phishing attack is a widely spread cyber attack in small firms. It brings a complete breach of crucial data, the cyber criminal gains access to nearly 90% of business data in no time. This type of attack occurs through fake cloned sites or emails pretending to be real, requesting sensitive data to be entered in.  Once employees open within the work email, the entire system will be unwrapped. 

employee opens an email with an embedded virus, it has infected his machine
  • Ransomware 

The next well-known cyberattack that prevails commonly among firms is Ransomware. In this kind of attack, the hackers will lock the organization’s data and force the victims to pay. The intruders unlock the data after receiving a ransom from the victims. The hackers target small firms because they are aware that there is no proper technology to back up crucial data. 

What are the risks if I get a malware attack? 

The dangers related to malware cyber-attacks in business communication systems are as follows. 

  • Data loss

Cyber attacks will unlock data access and damage the data. The virus targets the database and establishes complete control of the firm’s data in no time. Imagine losing all customer details and your entire lead generation to date.

  • Interferes with business communication 

The hackers attack the business email channel, thereby leading to complete damage. A malicious link steps into the organisation’s email platform triggering the employees to download the virus into their network of electronic devices with now virus’s on Andriod and iPhones + laptops.

  • Reduction of business revenue 

Due to Ransom attacks, the victims have to pay a large sum to unlock their important data from the hackers. It will ultimately affect the profits of that financial year. The ransom attacks marked the end of fewer small organisations worldwide. 

  • The Reputation of your Company

After a malware attack, small businesses face tough challenges to rebuild their reputation amidst the competitive environment. Cyberattacks affect the optimum functioning of the organisation in the future. Worst case the firm’s entire revenue and profit system can collapse due to 1) fines for customer data loss, 2) loss of cash flow from a pause in trading, and 3) an urgent investment in the right antivirus protection.  

  • Crashes your entire system functions 

When malware strikes a computer in an organisation, automatically the entire systems shut down in a fraction of a second. It causes complete damage to the electronic devices in a firm. An entrepreneur could be looking for technically skilled people to repair the damaged computers.

  • Interrupts the normal workflow 

Due to malicious attack, the firm faces interruption from their normal workflow. It will reflect on the profit reports on that financial year. The firm has to strive hard to resume its business processing after the virus attack. It takes nearly a year to compensate for the loss due to the suspicious activities of the hackers. The repair cost after the attack seems to be devastating and some newbie entrepreneurs disappear from the competitive market. 

How can a malware virus impact my Cloud System? 

Harnessing Cloud platforms enables you to scale your business beyond its physical hardware size. This evolution in scaleable infrastructure opens the door to configuration issues and ultimately malware threats on your business. A security risk on this Cloud system can bring drastic consequences. The hackers inject the spyware into the cloud storage of a firm and eavesdrop on the organisation’s data. The firm’s employees work on this cloud platform without this knowledge and the hacker will silently steal the data at one point in time without anyone knowing.

malware has threatened a small business database, tech team are trying to investigate

In the Cloud systems, data wipe is a common issue when there is an improper collaboration with the service providers. IT managers should review the terms and conditions of the cloud storage provider before signing into their services. Ensure the service providers have ample features to restrict anonymous entry into the storage area to avoid a data breach. 

One of the downfalls following a virus attack is the deactivation of your presence in the digital market. The data related to your company will be with-held preventing you from reaching the target customers. The owners will lose their business operation if these circumstances prevail in the long run. 

Another interesting one is the ‘Man-in-Cloud –Attack’. It’s a recent security threat under cloud storage systems. In this type of attack, the intruder hijacks the user account details easily by cloning the sync token used by the user.  This is basically a saved file which stores the user’s login details, so they don’t have to continuously log in.  The data in the cloud storage are relatively vulnerable and they are highly prone to hacking. A similar scenario occurred with Amazon and Google.

Who invites the computer virus inside my business? 

The sources of Malware attacks are closer than you think.

  • Employees invite malware virus’s unintentionally 

The Employees small-scale businesses are unaware of the Malware attacks. They do not know how to set strong passwords while working on cloud storage systems. The employees lack skills in detecting suspicious activities on their working network. Most of them are ignorant about cyber attacks.

If when travelling employees might use the public Wi-Fi network to access their firm’s portfolio without knowing the hidden dangers. The personal computers of the employees can easily have infections, which intrude into the company’s network in no time. 

Solution: Firms should offer regular seminars on recent cyber attacks for their employees. Training is necessary to educate the employees in assigning strong passwords and optimum ways to handle crucial data on cloud storage.

Create a department or point person in your firm with the title ‘Cyber Security Category Leader’ to overlook the proper functioning of the firm’s communication and transaction channel. The technical expert in this team should identify and eradicate the suspicious moves on the channel before the circumstance becomes worse. 

  • Competitors can be behind the virus. 

Cyberattacks can be initiated by competitors, especially those overseas who look at you as a threat or they wish to benchmark you in their own territory. Attacks like this are common because this is a fast way to gain knowledge on cost prices, price lists, suppliers, prototype designs, marketing plans, or next season’s year’s product launch.

Solution: Young entrepreneurs should implement security gateways to protect their small business activities from the interference of hackers. It is highly advisable to embed Email Security Gateways to protect the company documents and conversations. To overcome malware attacks you can go for ‘Endpoint Protection’ and ‘Web Security’. 

  • Hacking for Money 

Professional hackers target small firms with limited employees. These hackers learn recent techniques to crash the security systems of your firm and earn money in no time. Most hackers inject ransomware into the system to hijack data for money. 

cyber security is important to stop hackers gaining access to computers

Solution: Endpoint Detection and Response is one of the reliable security techniques to get rid of ransomware issues. Business owners must always look for recent cyber threats and acquire knowledge to implement relevant security measures on their network. 

Effective measures to prevent Malware attack

  • Latest Security Techniques 

As you all know, hackers don’t use older hacking methods to intrude, instead they figure out exciting methods to interfere with the business processes. From the hacker’s perspective, they will implement a new form of viral attack on the company’s network to stumble the smooth functioning of the enterprise. It is high time for your business to take proactive steps to get rid of the hacking methodologies. You can go to ‘Endpoint Protection’, ‘Web Security’, and ‘Email Security Gateways’ etc. All these modules protect the data from hacking thereby providing security grounds to overcome malware attack issues.

  • Educate the Employee

Business must contribute to training the employees about the cybersecurity system. Security awareness training brings tremendous changes in the employee attitude while handling vulnerable data related to the organisation. The professionals from cybersecurity should address the employees periodically to update their skills related to data protection. 

  • Organise or limit the access 

Only the admins and authorised employees should connect with the iCloud environment to work with the stored data. The firm can establish a Cloud Lock technology to accomplish complete control over it. The entrepreneurs must formulate rules and regulations to work on the computer components on the office premises. This can include denial of access to unauthorised web pages, request permission to enable or download any tool from the online platform, prohibit the entry of unnecessary pop-ups carrying malware, etc. 

  • Effective systems backup 

To overcome the consequence of ransomware attack it is highly recommended to backup all the crucial data on various forms for later retrieval. All businesses should not hesitate to spend on sophisticated backup technology to shelter against cyber attack. Backed up data is one of the proactive actions against virus attacks. 

  • Password Management 

Owners should maintain the passwords personally without any leaks. If you can manage the passwords on your own then you are free from inside threats within the business. There are chances for the employee to become ‘black sheep’ stealing data to serve your competitors. You can establish a well-structured password management system to modify and update the characters efficiently after regular intervals. 

Conclusion – the pitch part. 

Cyber-attacks have become a great threat to small-scale enterprises. It is the perfect time to acquire awareness about cybersecurity and implement it right now.

We at Cream Soda have business partnerships with scaleable global cybersecurity organisations, who can reduce the scope and cost to suit any business size.

In relation to Cloud Security we can provide you the ability to

  • Track devices and applications on the network. 
  • Identity unpatched applications and op systems.
  • See real-time and historical visibility.
  • Monitor data usage and user activity.
  • Detect unwanted and vulnerable applications.
  • Fix unprotected and rogue systems. 
  • Stop admin account abuse.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements.
  • Eliminate malware cyber threats on your business.

Go for a reliable antivirus business program, not family / soft orientated Nortons or Kaspersky, to protect your data from security threats. Educate, and empower your employees to be aware. Training programs for employees, and installing the latest Malware cybersecurity technologies are an effective strategy to fight malware attacks and maintain financial cash flow – your working capital.


For an immediate review please contact Cream Soda Multimedia on Email support@creamsodamedia.com | Office +44 (0) 1276 490448

SEO vs PPC performance for your business website

SEO vs PPC which is better?

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SEO vs PPC which is better? If you want to grow your business, then having a website is incredibly important. That being said, you have two options to boost your presence in the online world. One of them is via paying for ads, also known as pay per click. Or you can go with the SEO approach, which focuses on optimising your website to cater to the search engine requirements. It’s the best of both worlds to use both, but most small businesses are unable to do that. Which brings in the question, what results can you expect? Here are some ideas to take into consideration.

What is SEO vs Pay Per Click

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is basically generating organic traffic inwards once you start improving your business online. The great thing about SEO is that it allows you to focus on boosting the awareness of your business naturally. You get to focus on using certain keywords and promote them online at the highest possible levels. It also boosts your brand awareness naturally, which is always a plus. To make things better, it enhances your advertising approach while also bringing in more trust and credibility for your business.

In addition, you will have a natural, constant way of bringing in new traffic to your website. Then there’s also the fact that you will get a really good return on investment. You can do SEO yourself to a basic level, or you can hire someone for extra depth of involvement. Either way, the ROI can be huge, and you will appreciate the results more than you would ever imagine. SEO is also sustainable and has a compounding effect unlike PPC. The downside is that SEO requires time, it’s not immediate, which means if you want instant traffic you will need to go for the Pay Per Click option. It’s a good idea to use both of them, but at first many small businesses will go for PPC to boost their exposure to maximise on their key selling seasons.

Yes, PPC does generate a catalyst to inward traffic because paid search appears above the fold in search engine results. Basically, if you pay for exposure, you will be above the natural results that people ranked for through SEO.  You will bid per click to be within the Top 4 on page 1 of the search results.

You can rank your website naturally via SEO and also use PPC to have your site above the fold as well. Many companies do this because SEO results can falter. Plus, you can use PPC adverts to bring in more brand visibility very quickly. Yes you will have better control over targeting, but you will end up paying a lot of money for your traffic. And if you have a small budget and only want to run a campaign for a short time, this can be very tricky.

How does SEO affect PPC costs?

For many organizations, PPC and SEO teams work closely with one another and they bring in a great flow and value for the business itself. The idea here is to try out something new and different and the results themselves can be rewarding. Using both search engine optimisation and pay per click is very common for a lot of businesses. But you also have challenges, you don’t really know how to adapt and adjust everything to make it work. That can be tricky, which is exactly why you may need to start only with SEO at first for a solid foundation, to include meta descriptions, site titles, keywords / phrases.  It’s like turning up to the interview with your shoes polished and shirt ironed!

Our main concern will be our rewarded Quality Score.  The higher the score, the lower the cost of each click.  This largely affects the price of PPC ads most of the time. If the keyword has a very high price, you can spend even over £5 or more per click. Remember, clicks don’t guarantee sales, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The number of competitors that rank for a keyword will also influence the pay per click cost, they may also have a better landing page.  You have to assess the situation and once you do that wisely it will be very well worth the effort.

Also, general industry competitivity will end up affecting the pay per click costs. Most of the time costs will be higher in such a competitive set.  Your SEO is a fixed cost and you can adapt it to appeal to your desired market over time slowly becoming an authority site.

SEO can help the cost of a pay per click keyword if the website real estate is maximised.  Here you can have more presence for the same keyword, which means more relevancy for the PPC campaign.  Which in turn increases your frequency of appearing on the results page and improves the click rate.  It really helps and it has the potential to offer you some amazing benefits if you do this right.

In addition, SEO allows you to find more keywords that you can use for pay per click advertising.  It encourages you to promote your business for more keywords, which leads to a large number of people learning about your business. Keyword research tools and Google Analytics / Search Console provide a constant stream of queries related to your site, which you should study.

Google analytics tracking

You can also use SEO to acquire local leads. And that will affect PPC, because you can identify the type of keywords that works locally to bring in even more exposure. It’s the best of both worlds, and that clearly shows why you really need SEO and PPC. Of course they are both affecting one another, but you get some impressive benefits if you use them both, and that alone can be a key difference in the long run.

Local SEO with google my business

Is SEO or PPC more effective than the other?

What you have to realise is the fact that both SEO and PPC have their own benefits. One of them might be better one day, but tomorrow things might be different. So you really need to give them a decent term to make it work. What we recommend you do is to use both, because they are very helpful and with amazing results. Of course, at some point you might be inclined to use one over the other, but if you do it right, this will be worth it.

Of course, you also need to realise that SEO and PPC are fulfilling different needs. In the case of SEO, you want to focus on bringing in natural exposure to your business. It also works great if you have a local business without a lot of competitors. This also means the exposure comes gradually, in the long run. Your focus here is finding the right way to achieve what you have in mind and eliminating hassle naturally. Once you do that, the payoff can be nothing short of extraordinary and that’s what matters the most.

PPC is better if you want leads now and if you want to create a fast marketing campaign (with Landing Page) where you can get a really good ROI. It can work really well and it will deliver a very good experience.

How does SEO and AdWords work together?

There are many benefits that come from using AdWords and SEO together. First, the conversion data and keyword list can easily be transferred from PPC towards organic SEO.  It’s the best of both worlds, and you will find it easier to rely on accurate data so you can obtain the best approach and experience. It’s totally worth the effort, and once you do that properly it can really push the experience to the next level in a creative manner.

On top of that, the volume of traffic can easily be improved via targeting clicks for both organic and paid keywords. It’s an ideal situation to focus on using the same keywords for SEO and for PPC advertising.

Moreover, you will be able to move low converting, high volume or high costs keywords from PPC to SEO without a problem. Remarketing is improved because it makes it easier for you to connect with paid advertising clients via SEO. Even if they didn’t go to the website to buy something, now you know those customers and what they are looking for. And you can offer similar keywords and a very good value via SEO. It’s basically the best approach because you can still rely on the previous data for the best value.

You can go even further with this. You can test the keyword strategy in PPC so you can see the type of traffic and how many leads you can get. Once you test the keyword strategy and see that it works, you can go for the long term benefits and value.

This can boost awareness and confidence in your business. People will trust a company more when they see that Google trusts your website really high in their rankings. It will also show that there’s an easy way to navigate and read the website, which can be an amazing opportunity if you are doing it right.

How to does search advertising affect search engines?

As we mentioned above, you can use both PPC and SEO together and see how they work. PPC advertising has a great effect on SEO actually, and it’s a great option to keep in mind. When you think about online exposure, you mostly focus on SEO. And that’s something that may or may not be an issue. Going with PPC first can help you learn some valuable information. Then you can add that information to SEO, yet the campaign cost would be higher – i.e. low Quality Score.

The first thing that PPC does is it allows you to maximise the real estate in search results. You will have 2 results instead of one, which is great for the customer base. And as we mentioned earlier, PPC also allows you to discover some new keywords that will help you grow your business and expand it. It’s certainly worth it, and you will appreciate the results and the way everything grows. Plus, to make things even better, you will know what keywords to bid on because they worked for PPC.

With help from PPC you can generate more brand awareness and you will find it easier to acquire local leads. All the minor details matter, and you will find them to work really well in a situation like this. Once you do it wisely, the experience will be great and you will not have to worry about anything. It’s a great opportunity to consider, and the outcome can be really impressive.


Is it possible to use both PPC and SEO? Of course, both of them will work great and with the right approach you can actually make the most out of them. It’s important to learn when to rely on SEO and when it’s better to go with a PPC option. SEO is great all-around, but PPC is particularly good when you need that extra traffic or if you’re a new business starting out. It can help a lot to use both of them, just make sure that you add the right limits to your PPC campaign, so you don’t go over the budget!

Cyber Security program

Cyber Security Program Elements

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Cyber Security Programs help to build, implement and maintain ongoing protection to reduce cyber risk in a way that is unique and right for your business.

Here are the first points of call when it comes to Cyber Security.

1.    Next Gen Endpoint Protection Antivirus + Firewall.

Even though everyone in this industry agrees it needs to be known as something less cheesy then ”next gen” its function and capabilities make it the most important place to start. Traditional ”legacy” AV uses signature detection to detect malware and prevent attacks. The problem is that it can only detect a signature that is known to be malicious to it, which is a good start but for the past 6-7 years 0 day (zero day). Malware has been introduced which will get past these methods very easily. Next Gen AV uses AI (AI, machine learning, deep learning, all the same technique pretty much), to detect 0 day malware by its behaviour patterns. They are also cloud native which means they are fast, can update automatically and will not affect performance on your endpoints compared to legacy.

The Firewall will also be a key factor of protection, as this is where all traffic should have to pass through get on a network and reach an endpoint.  Our managed firewall program provides 24/7 support from a UK based Op centre.  The expert engineers have Check Point Master status, it is the highest level of certification, providing you access to top rated tech resource.

Cream Soda Media can offer you a completely free Malware Assessment which will clearly show and detail anything you would want to be aware of and any urgencies. (Subject to specialist approval)

2.    Email Security

Over 90% of attacks today start with an email. This is because it is easier to trick a human to grant access to your network and stay hidden than any current security technology you are likely to have in place. G Mail, O365 all have spam filtering and very basic security policies in place but they do not claim to be secure. In fact, they even have statements that clearly suggest you have email protection in place that focuses on this completely – wrong. We have different security technologies options to stop phishing and spam, and compliance features like archiving and data loss protection. Our email security will even open up suspicious attachments in a virtual environment to see if they are malicious, and will block them and let you know what they found.

3.     Web Security (Web Filtering)

Another easier way of access for an attacker. Protect employees and guests from accessing malicious sites with DNS-level category and security policy controls. Control what content is accessible by employees and guests by enforcing acceptable use policies through 90+ granular category filters. Extend protection to employees when accessing the web remotely, including from home and on the move, through an on-device security agent.

4.     Cloud Security

Like statements from the email providers about security, the same is for the cloud providers. It is called the shared responsibility model. It is the end users responsibility to ultimately ensure they are securing their data, apps and whatever they are throwing up there. Cloud Security is the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures stored in the cloud.

There are 2 routes to Cyber Security. You can apply layers of security by using best of breed technologies where they are known for being the best. Or you can have a more single pane of glass approach where you can use 1 or a few technologies and vendors to look after multiple parts of your network and organisation to mitigate risk and stay compliant.

Our comprehensive services portfolio comes in 4 steps.

Step 1 – Discover Baseline Assessments for –

Security | Governance, Risk & Compliance | CE Plus Adoption | Cloud Security + M365 + Cyber Insurance.

Step 2 – Design

Security Design Services | Technical Advisory Service.

Step 3 – Deliver

Security Implementation | Incident Response Service | Cyber Controls Program | Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Program | Cyber Attack & Breach Assessment Program | CE Plus Implementation Service.

Step 4 – Operate

Managed Firewall Service | Check Point Service | Check Point Management Platform | Managed SIEM Service | Cloud Security Support Service | End Point Detection & Response.


For more details on our cyber security packages Email us at support@creamsodamedia.com or Phone on 01276 490448 & 07855 356393

You may find this next article on how Malware can threaten your business.



Disadvantages of cheap website hosting for my website

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Cheap website hosting, why should I avoid it?

There are limitations and many disadvantages of cheap website hosting.  Getting the best business hosting service is key if you want to have a strong online business. After all, the performance of your website is important for SEO ranking. But more importantly, people will judge you based on your speed too. If your website is not delivering the best it can, then this is a huge growth restriction. Its simple, people want to have the best user experience with the ability to enjoy the time spent accessing pages.  This is delivered via better brand-width, capacity and speed, something cheap web hosting does not provide.

If your website experience is a bad one, you will have to deal with all kinds of problems. Consumers will migrate from your website to another that delivers a better experience. And on top of that, your ranking will suffer. You really want to push the boundaries and constantly focus on the best experience and results. Once you do that wisely, the payoff itself is amongst one of the best SEO practices and you will see results change in your favour.

Should I opt for more bandwidth and server space?

When you get started with Wix or GoDaddy in the cheapest or free forms, you will notice that you are very limited. The limitations will differ, but usually it is classic disadvantages of cheap website hosting, such as bandwidth & storage space. When you own a website, you don’t want to be limited in any way. Your customers will feel that limitation, and it’s not right to limit them. If anything, you want just the opposite, to make sure they find their search query fast, because that will give you some resounding results all the time.

Ideally you want to focus on increasing storage space and bandwidth.  Combined with a professional WordPress website, it will remove all the limits to ensure users have a great experience. It’s all about offering a sense of freedom. And that’s what you are getting when you upgrade your hosting. It shows that you are more professional and ready to deliver a stellar and reliable experience all the time.  As a minimum aim for >10k visitors monthly capacity.

Will my web hosting provider effect my SEO?

The issue that comes with hosting limitations is the fact that your website’s SEO will suffer. People will leave your website more often, so the bounce rate will be high and that’s obviously going to cause some issues on its own. Due to the smaller website storage space, you will be limited to how much content you can create. And you might not even have the right website format or a way to optimise it for SEO. The more you focus on results, the better the experience will be, so try to use that to your own advantage and it will be well worth the effort no matter the situation. Blogs are the king of website content, don’t be held back by storage limitations and speed of delivering the content.

As soon as you start addressing the issues, things will change and you will notice the website ranking improve. Yes, hosting limitations of cheap website hosting will hurt your SEO, if the bounce rate is too high Google will consider you less and less frequently and it will be one of those things that brings in major repercussions. Your approach must be done in a meaningful way at the start.  Just use that to your advantage and upgrade your website’s home to help your business.

You can’t handle the traffic anymore

The problem with limited hosting services is that they usually end up not costing a lot, and your website will lack a lot of features. For example, you will have a limited bandwidth and you can’t really have the amount of traffic you want. Having your website stop out of nowhere just because you reached your limit for the day is not acceptable. If anything, people will think twice before they work with you, because it shows that you are not set up as they expect. You can counter this perception and use that to your own advantage.

When you start to engage with the public via Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, you may receive a huge response due to a paid marketing campaign, or even a lucky break with a large social media Twitter user forwarding your post across their account.  The potential spike in users accessing your site will depend on the depth of hosting space and speed from the host provider.  If the user experience falls flat, your bounce rate (users who leave within several seconds) will be high and Google will rank you lower for the keywords you want to be associated with.

Our agency, Cream Soda Media, received an endorsement from journalist Iain Dale via his radio show (LBC) and subsequent twitter share.  Our website visits within 35 minutes shot to 5.2k!  Thankfully we had the hosting capacity and managed to maintain a working service for every single one of those visitors


Websites with downtime will experience bad marks from Google, as we mentioned above. As long as it’s related to hosting services, you can easily upgrade to make a major difference. Is it a huge challenge? No, but if you adapt to the process and make it work you will find that nothing will ever stand in your way and the outcome will be positive.

Are there Security issues with cheap website hosting ? 

Then you also have to think about website security. Users and search engines will judge you based on what security is provided.  Over the years a lot of websites have been hacked and those companies went out of business because people did not trust them anymore. That’s the main issue with really cheap website hosting. They are not as reliable as higher standard hosting services. Usually they have little to no security features. When it comes to a website, you need to have as many security features as you can get. Granted, minimalist security features might be in the free GoDaddy or Wix, but you won’t get far with those.

Hackers are always trying to acquire all your personal information, and you will end up with issues in a situation like this. What you want to do is to find a more cohesive way thinking carefully on the protection of any linked CRM databases (customer data) if you are a service provider. Without the right security features like encryption, SLL certificate, protection or even double-authentication, there will be problems. Focus on protecting your customer data. If you do that right, then you can rest being assured you are being responsible.

Is your website hosting package limiting its growth?

The growth of a website is very hard to quantify certainly for a small business. For some websites, it’s as simple as 10-20 users per week. Others have a huge growth because something became viral. So the truth of the matter is, you never really know how much hosting space you need or how/when your website will become very popular. The idea is that you want to be prepared and you really have to figure out a way to improve that growth naturally. In the case of an online business, you always want to be prepared for this type of user infusion. It will help you a whole lot more than you expect, and the great thing is that you get to have more control and the process itself will be exciting because of that.

Keep regularly checking your Google Search Console to preempt traffic limitations. When it comes to growth, you always want to be prepared for it and you need a reliable hosting service that has no limitations. When the sky is the limit, things will be easier for your business and you will have much better results every time. It’s not exactly the simplest thing you have to deal with, but once you adapt and adjust to it, things will be a lot more interesting and immersive. Plus, the more you take care of your website and show people that you care, the better it will be all the time.

Versatility and flexibility

These are things that people expect from your business. You need to have a flexible website that can easily expand and grow according to your own needs. It’s important to strive and push the boundaries as much as you can. You want to avoid the challenges that appear and instead you want to make sure your website is ready for any addition you may have in the long run. For example, many websites bring in data and apps later on. Having that added to a free or cheap hosting service is pretty much impossible. Websites need a good, reliable hosting provider that allow you to add on stuff and ensure that you are getting the best outcome.

If you are decorator, hair stylist, driveway installer, house builder– you will need space to upload pictures of your recent work and creativity.  It’s certainly worth the effort and if you do it right things can be rewarding. Of course, there are tricky moments along the way, but what matters is how your website expands and what people want in the long run. Obtaining those additional plug-ins and always striving to acquire the ultimate set of results can be really nice. It’s an important approach that you want to have and if you tackle it right the experience as a whole can be impressive.

Plus, you can have mobile apps or web apps tap into your website data. But you need bandwidth for this, so using a free hosting service is not really going to work. All these little things will add up eventually, that’s why you want to further improve and take things to the next level in a meaningful manner. Some of the wider known free website builders and cheap host providers don’t allow you blogging features or dynamic modules for elaborate overlays and CSS coding.  Drag and drop site builders sound great but be mindful before you rush in, or you may end up having to re-design your site after the 1st year.  Many sites on GoDaddy and Wix look similar, don’t be one of them.

It might be free, but add-ons can make it super expensive

That’s why you want to have a professional hosting service right from the start. It’s great to be able to test out things, true -but the reality behind this is most of the time you don’t need to test anything. You want to focus more on value and quality. Just make sure that you pick a good hosting service and package from the start, as that’s what will give you a very good experience in no time. It is not tricky to do, but do calculate the overall costs, set a budget and then go from there.

You can’t really change a lot of things

When you want to grow your website, you should be able to change everything related to it. But free or cheap website hosting approaches are not really helping you change that much, if anything. That will become a problem and you must find a way to eliminate the potential challenges and issues that arise. You might want to add sub-domains, or integrate new features such as streamed video content. The reality is that free hosting or the cheapest hosting packages from Wix, don’t support ultra-fast services and will be limited. Just because it feels good to have a ‘one stop package’, that doesn’t necessarily make the package a good deal. It’s a lot better to have a professional system in place, one that you will like just because it’s convenient and unique at the same time. It will encourage you to push things to the next level, differentiate your website and stand out from the competition.

Conclusion + Recommendation

Free GoDaddy or Wix options tend to appear as something very interesting. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not investing the correct amount of money when your website is new. But if you’re serious about creating a website that will develop eventually, your focus has to be on delivering the best results and experience. It will offer you a new and creative way to handle things, and you will appreciate results all the time. As long as you upgrade to better hosting, with a WordPress redesign, your SEO will improve. Users will trust you more and you can grow your site without any worries. It’s the best thing you can do when it comes to hosting, so try to take that into consideration!

We recommend a solid Hosting Service called SiteGround, you can click their name to see their offering.  They operate a security first focused operation with a 24/7  services team on watch.  They run real time server health checks every 0.5 sec and have strong AI anti-bot malicious traffic blockers. When we first set up Cream Soda, their customer services team was fantastic, available any time of day, any day of the week. Every level of customer gets that support even at weekends.  You will find Backup Restore tools, free SSL encryption, smart WordPress staging, email accounts, amongst more.  Better still they have a server stack optimised for speed – that’s what we all want – and its a tick box for SEO score.  SiteGround is a strong partner for any website size at competitive prices.

If you are concerned about which hosting plan is best for your website, then please contact direct on support@creamsodamedia.com. or Tel 01276 490448.  We will provide everything you need to improve the potential of your business.

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Website is better than just social media

Why a website design is king over social media platforms?

By | Insights

How important is website design over social media?

Nowadays there are lots of methods you can use to connect with your customers and offer them the best results and value on the market. But how can you do that? Should you create and design your own website and post content there, or can you rely solely on social media for your online exposure? As you can imagine, the best approach is to always create something that you can own and expand upon at your own pace.

Why shouldn’t you rely solely on social media?

The challenge with social media is that while most social sites give you a lot of exposure, you don’t really have control over the entire process or your online presence. These sites can shut down at any given time and your online exposure will be ruined. Not only that, but every social website comes with its own set of rules and guidelines enforced upon users. If you agree to that, it’s great. If not, you will have to remove your account and thus lose all your hard work to promote your business. Another thing to note is that social media comes with limited design and reporting tools. Granted, it’s great to connect with the customer base, but not having access to all the control and features you need can hurt the entire experience. And that’s the type of thing that you want to avoid. Plus, social media is an open forum, so even malevolent people that want to destroy your business can post an anonymous review and bring you a bad rep online. It may not happen all the time, but the potential to deal with such problems is definitely there.

A website design offers you complete control

Maybe the best thing about having your own business website designed is the fact that you will be able to keep customers entertained and provide them with the best user experience at all times. Not only that, but you will be able to customise the website the way you want. You can make it more appealing for the customers, not to mention you can use all the branding methods you want. On top of that, having a website created by a developer shows that you are very professional, focused on growth and value, and you want to offer customers as many options as you can. If you choose to do that, results can be extraordinary, and that alone can be well worth the effort every time. Being in complete control and having the opportunity to revamp your website at your own leisure is incredible. It certainly offers you all the benefits you want, and the results as well as the overall opportunity are very exciting and distinctive. You do need to take a bit of time to customize and adapt to trends, but it’s way better than having to comply with the social media platform rules. Some rules are not things that you want to deal with, but you will be forced to comply due to the platform requirements. Thankfully, creating your own website removes all that pressure.

You can monetise your website 

While it sounds ok to have a social presence, the reality is that you can’t monetise that much there. If anything, social sites will make money from you since you will need to advertise your presence on that platform to generate more leads. And that will be a challenge, since you are trying to save money and not overspend. If you have a business website however, things change. You can create your own Ecommerce shop on the site and sell products directly to customers. Not only that, but you can also provide upsells and a variety of other different features too, which is an amazing thing to have on a website like this. And to make things even better, you can also connect with other companies and send them leads, as they give leads to you. It’s the best way to fully showcase the power of your business while also bringing in a lot of value and quality. You need to give it a try and check it out for yourself, and the experience itself will be a lot better than you imagine.

Keeping up with trends

When you just have a social presence, there’s not a lot under your control. If there are any trends or things that would require changes to your social presence, then you have to abide by that platform’s rules. Obviously that’s not the case if you have your own website. As soon as you identify a trend, you can make whatever changes you want to the site. That’s maybe one of the best things about having a business website, the fact that there’s a lot more control to be had and the experience itself is a lot more rewarding. Once you implement the right features, nothing can really stand in your way, and that on its own will be incredible every time. 5G is going to be a huge trend, as more people use the power of faster mobiles to access websites.  If you are not in the game with a responsive website design, then its time for a shake-up.

The marketplace is very dynamic, so you need a flexible solution

What that means is you need to understand the marketplace and adapt to it. Customers have different needs, they always tend to follow trends, and they interact from a variety of websites. That means you need to meet customers wherever they are. A website helps you do that because it can be accessed from any device. Social media has restrictions, and you do need to retain the values and vision of that platform. With your website, you can create your own vision and approach, and things will be a whole lot better in the end because of that. The simple fact that you have all the flexibility you need to adapt to the marketplace requirements is what really pushes the boundaries here and it definitely makes the experience way better than you might imagine.

Social media users tend to move around from platform to platform

Sure, there are some people dedicated to a single platform. But many times you will find yourself dealing with situations where your audience is flocking towards a new social platform because it’s different. That means all the work you put into creating that social presence is mostly gone. A website is better because it allows you to work hard, establish an audience and gain their trust. Once you do that, you will have returning clients. On top of that, having your own website brings that sense of professionalism and value that everyone expects from you. Without that, people won’t see you as professional or dependable. That’s why you need to do whatever you can to showcase your power in the business world. Every detail matters, and it’s clear that having a great social presence can make quite the difference.

Search engine optimisation

One of the major things you have to keep in mind with social media is that you are very limited when it comes to what you can optimize and show off. The best thing you can do is to get your own website design and ensure that you optimise it for SEO. You will be able to grow your online presence, expand your reach online, and the return on investment will be great. That’s amazing, it offers you some astounding benefits and a tremendous way to surpass the competition. You can still keep the social presence to share content and your website links, but obviously it makes a lot more sense to showcase your content online and provide customers with the value that they expect. It’s certainly the best of both worlds, and the return on investment will always be extraordinary, and that’s what you need the most.

Selling is a lot easier

Some social sites have features that help you generate sales, but the reality is that the best way to generate sales is to showcase your stuff on social media. It helps a lot and it manages to make things simpler and easier for you. Granted, demanding situations will always appear, but it all comes down to perspective and understanding the matter at hand. You can’t use social sites as the primary sales platform or promotional platform. Your website is way better at this, certainly a lot more convenient, and it will bring in front all the benefits you would expect. Let’s face it, you don’t want to rely on someone else’s platform to control your revenue. You want to have all the control you need, and if you do that, the payoff can be amazing. Use that to your own advantage and create a meaningful, comprehensive website, then things will be amazing for your business all the time.

It’s a hub for your entire online presence

Social media is a marketing tool, but your website is more of a hub. It allows you to seamlessly connect all your accounts and tie them in to a single online presence. It certainly helps you a lot when it comes to showing where people can find you. But at the same time, it’s the professional method you can use to maintain a single, meaningful and core presence where people can always find you. After all, you can’t lose your website, but you can be banned or removed accidentally from social media. Don’t rely solely on your social presence, even if it feels amazing at first, the reality is that you want to rely on what you can control. A website is the ultimate hub for everything related to your business in the online world, and it will make it easy to show off your true strength. Customers will be impressed with how much work you are putting in there to present yourself, and the results can definitely be amazing because of that.

More business insight

Social media is great for accessing analytics and demographics. But the reality is that all the information stops there. What you want to do is to try and figure out methods you can use to eliminate challenges and handle the process in a more professional and dependable manner. Your website design will show where people are stopping their customer journey, what pages they enjoy the most and what content is less appealing. Having access to all that information is extraordinary, it makes a huge difference, and your business will grow thanks to that. You just need to commit to the process and make it work in a meaningful way, then the payoff can be stunning!

Credibility with website design

When a customer sees that you are only available on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, and you don’t have a website, they will have second thoughts. People willing to purchase stuff from you expect to see a website and a secure way to buy items. If they can’t see that, then they will be discouraged. And that’s why you need a professional website, to show customers that yes, they can really trust you and it will be good for your business in the long run if you tackle this at a professional level.


Since you own the website design, you can add all kinds of upgrades, perks, you can also make it easy for customers to create their own profile and they can get plenty of benefits. You can’t have something like that on social sites. Being able to upgrade and customize your website the way you want is very exciting. It also helps show the true power of what a business website can do.

Design your own website today

As you can see, establishing a business website in the UK is one of the best ways to bring in leads and customers. It may not feel like much at first, but if you create your own website you can have a stellar, professional presence online. People expect a business to have a website, and you do need to have a way for customers to buy product from you. Social media helps with marketing, but when it comes to the actual sale – that will take place on your website. So yes, while you can create and grow an online presence, your primary focus has to be on creating and growing your own website. Once you do that, the chances of bringing in leads, customers and increasing your profits will increase exponentially! Let Cream Soda Media help with your affordable website design and development today, to improve your commercial standing and ranking vs the competition.  Find us here www.creamsodamedia.com or reach out direct and email on support@creamsodamedia.com [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
unboxing shoes and being recorded for YouTube

Social Media Influencers and Vloggers – how to work with them

By | Insights

How do I market my brand with a limited budget?

Social Media Influencers or brand ambassadors can be a magic formula for a brand launch or sustaining brand awareness.  In a world packed full of advertising, a YouTuber, Instagramer, or Blogger with a large community following can burst through the noise.  Their subscriber base are followers who have similar interests, be it beauty & cosmetics, toy reviews, fitness & health, DIY advice.  These followers are linked by similar demographics (Age, Sex, Marital Status) and absorb content depending what interests them at their stage of life.  So how do you work with social media influencers and Vloggers?  

Where do Influencers exist ?

Social Media Influencers exist across many platforms – You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Pinterest, Snap Chat for example. The impact for your brand awareness can be a small blip, or it can go viral if shared and re-shared, delivering huge hits for your e-commerce website.  Even more so if friends of friends see each other liking or sharing that post, they are then more likely to trust that piece of content.

What potential do I have with online Influencers ?

Work with these influencers and you have the opportunity to target and convert their followers to your product. The impact can be felt immediately to your website or sales out at retail.  You also have Vloggers, who video and write reviews to their independent websites, this stuff can go viral with the use of hashtags.  Or there’s journalist editorial in industry magazines, which can provide more authority in the eyes of b2b buyers.  The next level up are You Tube videos where product is unboxed (unboxing) or used in part of a story.  Stories provide a little more flexibility in costs, because you can decide your time length within a video theme.

How much do Influencers cost?

The cost of a brand ambassador can be very wide ranging depending on their subscriber base.  Some influencers have made it to TV stardom, although YouTube & Instagram still hold the heavy weights.  Click our Face Book post where we announced the rich list. Whilst these can provide a huge catalyst for your product, get ready to spend £50k minimum for a UK market privilege.  Since the start of 2019 Influencer costs have soared but still relatively cheap on a cost per engagement basis vs. cost per click with PPC.

Influencers lets be realistic

Back in the real world, you don’t need to spend to those rates.  Businesses don’t need the big hitters, we at Cream Soda Media work with the full spectrum of talent.  We decide who actually receives the best video engagement (views, likes), not necessarily the largest subscriber base.  Consumers move on, they age up and life needs change, therefore every year can be different.  Do not dismiss the medium level influencers (50k to 100k followers) or micro’s (10k to 50k followers), who are hungry for more content and willing to promote harder for you.  Micro’s can be a fraction of cost, perceived more personable and trustworthy.  Their accrued views will challenge any medium influencer and deliver you a cost effective approach.  A combination can prove a success with new brand launch events.  Hire 1 x medium level YouTuber alongside several micro influencers.  They will flock to see their peer and you can imagine after the social media hash tagging galore, your brand could be viewed by 000’s!

If you are struggling on video content production with no means of editing, adding effects and voice overs then hiring the use of an influencer or blogger for marketing can be your answer.

Before we get too excited to promote…

What are the potential pitfalls of using a YouTube Influencer and how can they harm my brand rather than promote it for good?

Make sure you research the brand ambassador’s previous blog history and video library. Decide whether they are suitable representatives for your brand image.  In some corners the influencer community has come under more scrutiny for language mishaps or political views, so do not get tarnished.  This over saturated social media market has made some viewers risk adverse, eroding their trust in new brands when being recommended to buy product.

Set your brief out, with clear objectives to present the features that set you apart from the competition.  Write out a clear contract of payment terms and expectations of desired tonality.

Ultimately think how best to communicate your product.  If it has key visual features and benefits, then video is best.  Always make sure there is a call to action for your website or retailer.  Don’t forgot the hundreds of bloggers out there who can provide written reviews, for simple free product. Again lock them down to provide direct retail links to purchase.  These can improve online search for your product.

We advise you to read the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance report (1) for considerations on transparency with consumers.


Our team is the best digital marketing agency in Surrey, of course we would say that. For many more insights, guidelines, and direction on Influencer marketing in the UK, contact us on Email support@creamsodamedia.com | Office +44 (0)1276 490448 and let’s discuss how we take your brand forward in this fragmented, crazy social media world!


ref 1) CMA – Social Media Endorsements: being transparent.